Interesting Read: This Miniature Einstein Robot Can Be Your Personal Genius

14.5-inch Professor Einstein robot walks, talks and teaches science with lifelike facial expressions. Professor Einstein Robot is designed to be a loveable teacher full of amusing anecdotes, deep knowledge and emotional responses. It can even mimic the most iconic photograph of Albert Einstein where he stuck out his tongue.

Recently launched by Hanson Robotics as a Kickstarter campaign, Professor Einstein Robot highlights the physical features of its muse delicately. The voice-controlled machine’s facial expressions can adapt to situations. For instance, when encountered with a surprising fact, Professor Einstein robot reacts with raising its eyebrows.

A team that develops the world’s most lifelike robots, endowed with remarkable aesthetics, expressiveness, and interactivity worked on the production of Professor Einstein robot. This personal genius is the creation of a collaboration between David Hanson and Andy Rifkin of Hanson Robotics.


From mannerisms to games about scientific theories, everything about Professor Einstein is built to make the world of science approachable and fun. The robot is initially created as a study buddy for kids at the age of 13 and older. Besides, it is compatible with iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 6s, 6s Plus, iPad Air, Air 2, Mini 3, 4th generation, and Android OS 4.4.4 or later.

Blob detection

Through a camera installed behind a small hole in its black tie,  Professor Einstein recognizes the movements of the face right in front of him. This tracking technique called “blob detection” is way different than typical facial recognition systems. It doesn’t  record or memorize faces, however, it allows the robot to spot facial expressions and keep eye contact with the user throughout the conversation.

The company announces that kids can get hold of their personal geniuses no later than April:

“We have completed most of our prototyping phases and have a top-tier manufacturer set up to begin production as early as March for delivery to you in April. Our Chief Technology Officer and inventor of Professor Einstein has shipped over $6 billion of consumer entertainment/education products and was a senior executive at Mattel and Warner Brothers, so he has a proven track record of bringing mass consumer products to market.

Source: Interesting Engineering 

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