Internet of Things projects for students

internet of things project for students

In this digitization era, technology is like oxygen to us. The essence of technology is spread all over the world. Technology brought the world on our fingertips via the internet. “We are all now connected by the internet, like neuron in a giant brain” quoted by  Stephen Hawking. Today the internet is a giant global network that allows people to communicate with each other. It is one of the greatest innovations of all time.

We communicate, share data, send emails, photos and all of that via our devices like laptops, tablets, Smartphone, etc and send it to the server. The server  transmits that data further. Hence, it is the people who drive the internet. Therefore internet is basically based on three major players- the users, user devices and the server. The internet has been around for a while and is all about connecting people.

Now we are entering into the innovation zone. In this innovative generation, one smart player is added to the internet is the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is IoT?

Internet of Things

Internet and IoT are the two faces of the same coin. IoT is all about connecting people as well as things and so its name Internet of Things. What are these things? In this digital world, we can make everything talk to each other. Therefore, these things are the smart devices which communicate with each other with the help of sensors (small chip that senses the surrounding activities) and actuators (a small chip that responds to the sensed activities) across the internet. These things communicate and share experiences with other things. Now we are able to build a network where the physical objects like a door, chair, lounge, etc are connected to the internet.

The reports say IoT have gained popularity in a rapid manner. In 2017, 8.4 billion IoT devices were used all over the world and it is estimated that the figures will reach 30 billion by 2020.

Why this Popularity?

The popularity of IoT lies in its innovative devices. These devices are taking the market by storm. IoT devices like Smart watches, smart home appliances, Google home, etc made our lifestyle better and easier. Because of security, relationship with open source, big data, and SDN, IoT gained the popularity in recent years. The rate of innovation and the rate of adoption of IoTs is inspiring the companies to invest billions in this digital field. At CES 2015 Samsung co-CEO declared that all Samsung products will be IoT enabled within five years.

However, companies like arm at the end of 2014 introduced a new OS to boost the IoT devices named Mbed OS.  Mbed OS brings together all the features required for developing and connecting intelligent products, including security, connectivity, and drivers for sensors and IoT devices. IoTs will revolutionize the whole world in the coming years and will make a world smart place to live in.

But one thing history has proven is that evolution every time wins. Therefore, one who doesn’t walk along with the evolution of technology field is bound to perish.

Due to frequent inventions of new technologies, it’s no lesser than a quest to choose a topic for the project by the student. So to walk along with the period of innovation and know IoT alongside, is it not a high time to work on IoT projects? Come let’s see some  IoT projects for students.

Internet of Things projects for students

 1.Home automation systemHOME AUTOMATION

Home automation is the technology that gives you the access to control all electrical devices present at your home from mobile, laptops or PCs. It is the ultimate technology for building smart homes. With the help of home automation, one can have access to electric lights, fans, doors, heating and cooling systems, smoke detectors, window coverings and many more. IoT based kitchen gives us a whole new experience at smart homes. Many IoT products together makes a smart home. Interested to make a home automation system? The fundamental components for this project are Raspberry Pi, high-speed internet, etc.

  2.Motion detecting system

Motion Detection System

Motion detectors have a wide range of applications on domestic as well as commercial use. The sensors in the motion detecting system can sense the motions of an object particularly people. Therefore, if a motion detector is placed in your home then it can sense the movement of an unauthorized person and will send a signal to the security system. Passive infrared, microwave, ultrasonic and vibration are some types of motion detectors. A simple motion detection circuit can be integrated with the help of a PIR sensor(able to detect motion), piezo buzzer and Arduino Uno.

  3.Smile detection using Raspberry Pi camera

Smile Detection Using Raspberry Pi

Smile detection is the technology for detecting human smiles in the form of digital images. . It is becoming the most attractive technology because of its wide range of application. Smile detection technology is used in many mobile cameras. The technology is such that if a person doesn’t smile the camera will not click the snap. Using a raspberry pi camera. The camera first detects a face, then waits to see a smile by recognizing deformation in the face, visible teeth, and other criteria. Smile detection is used in biometrics for security purpose.

  4.Room temperature monitoring system

Room Temperature Monitoring System

This smart system automatically controls the room temperature to a specified predefined temperature. In this technology, the system allows the user to set a temperature. If any rise or fall in the temperature, the system adjusts to it accordingly. Generally room temperature monitoring system is connected to an ac and a heater. If there is a fall in temperature the system switch on the heater and ac is on if the rise in temperature occurs.  It’s application is in offices, laboratories, machine rooms, hospitals and other organization where we cannot frequently check the temperature change. In projects, you can use a bulb and fan instead of a heater and ac.

   5.Soil moisture sensor

Soil moisture sensor

According to reports probably 50% for the farm produce never reach to the consumer due to wastage. Thanks to IoT for bringing a revolution in the agricultural field. In agriculture, soil moisture is very important to grow a crop. It helps the farmers to manage their irrigation system efficiently. Soil moisture sensor measures the volumetric water content in the soil. Knowing the water content of the soil, farmers can adjust the water quantity to yield more and efficient crops production.

How cool it is! Excited to do this projects? Don’t look for here and there. We here at Eckovation developed online certification course on these cool projects under experts guidance.

However, this is not the end of the list. IoT is limitless. You can also choose some awesome projects from the list below:

  • Arduino-IoT Robotic Arm
  • Electronic Door Lock
  • Microsoft windows IoT core door
  • Smart Mirror
  • Smart chess board
  • IoT based attendance system
  • IoT based water level indicator
  • Arduino TV Remote Home Automation
  • Automated street lighting system
  • Plant watering system
  • Vehicle Tracking using GPS
  • IoT door bell

And many more

Hence, IoT revolution has just started and it will soon rule the world. There will be some great innovations in the coming years ahead. Probably hope that IoT doesn’t take all the controls from human beings. So,  just sit back and enjoy the journey of IoTs.

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