JEE Mains: Exam Day Tips

Points to keep in mind before the exam:

  • Brush up important formulae in all three subjects.
  • One day before JEE Main, do not study anything new.
  • Don’t stay awake late in to the night. Be in bed by 10 or 10:30 p.m and make this a habit at least 30 days before the exam.
  • Have a light dinner.
  • You may not be able to fall asleep immediately. It is OK.
  • Don’t wake up too early. The exam starts at 09:00 a.m. reach the centre at least 45 min before the exam. Plan the amount of time it will take to reach there. Give some time for car/bus breakdown etc. You also need time to get ready. Wake up accordingly.
  • Have a light breakfast like sandwich etc. Don’t go empty stomach or a full stomach.

Points to keep in mind on the exam day:

  • Be careful enough to reach the Test Centre at least 30 min before the exam.
  • Please ensure to keep the Admit Card with you during the exam. Also carry along blue or black ballpoint pens, pencils, erasers etc
  • Attempt those questions first which don’t carry negative marking. Try to avoid  those questions which you aren’t sure about.
  • Provide 1 hour for each subject so that all topics are covered.
  • Do the easier questions first and leave the tougher ones for later on.
  • Keep your calm intact and your preparation will help you to ace JEE
  • Remember to carry your wristwatch.
  • Don’t discuss any subject related things with friends.
  • Don’t carry any books or notebooks to the exam.
  • Stay away from students who are doing last minute revision in the exam centre.
  • Remember to read the instructions carefully in the question paper.
  • Just go and do the best you can.
  • Be mentally ready for various uncertainties. So, you need to keep your cool under all circumstances and need to do your best. Take all possible precautionary measurements. And most importantly believe in yourself.

JEE Main Time Table for the Offline Exam:

Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech) Paper II (B. Arch/B.Planning)
Entry in examination centres for frisking 7 am onwards 1 pm onwards
Test booklet distribution starts 9.20 am 1.50 pm
Break/open seal of the test booklet and take out the answer sheet 9.25 am 1.55 pm
Entry in examination hall closes 9.30 am 2 pm
JEE Main starts 9.30 am 2 pm
JEE Main concludes 12.30 pm 5 pm


JEE Main Time Table for the Online Exam:

Paper-I (B.E./B.Tech.)
Entry in examination centres for frisking 7 am onwards
Entry in examination hall closes 9.30 am
JEE Main starts 9.30 am
JEE Main concludes 12.30 pm


Strategy to Attempt the questions in JEE Main Paper:

Sometimes the right strategy and time management play a vital role in deciding the rank for an aspirant. So, one must be quick enough to adapt to the level of the paper and act promptly. The following points may however be kept in mind when attempting the questions. One basic strategy could be not to give full time in one go to a particular instead allocate some time so that one could review this subject again. E.g. For a 3 hr paper with 3 subjects, generally students tend to give 1 hr each. It is advisable that they give 40-45 mins in attempting questions from any one subject they feel confident and move on to second subject and then to the third. In the remaining time the unsolved questioned may be reviewed. This would help in increasing the attempting rate. However, students may develop their own strategy based on their preferences.

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