JEE Mains: Topic Wise Marks Distribution

JEE Mains exam is a very balanced exam but some of the topics are always very important to read. So it is important to understand the topic wise split of marks in JEE Mains Exam.

One of the basic questions every aspirant ask in the beginning or during the preparation is the weightage of 11th and 12th in JEE. Different answers from different people leave you confused without any kind of clarity. But do not be worried, as you have come to the right place.

So what exactly is the weightage of 11th and 12th? In simple terms, the ratio of 12th:11th is generally around of 60:40. But this is a rough idea.

The attached images will explain subject wise split of marks of Maths, Chemistry and Physics in JEE Mains.




Split of Class XI and Class XII in JEE Mains: Class Wise Distribution Marks

The below table shows the distribution of marks of JEE Main 2016 Question paper from class 11 & 12 in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics:

S.No. Subject % Distribution of marks
    Class 11 Class 12
 1 Chemistry 43% 57%
 2 Mathematics 53% 47%
 3 Physics 43% 57%

Although 12th has more weightage in exam, but chapters in 12th are generally continuation of syllabus in 11th. So you shouldn’t worry about the weightage. Instead try to understand and grasp the concepts fully.

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