JEE Mains: Last Day Tips Before Exam

With just a day before JEE Mains, engineering aspirants are all set to give their best shot. While mentors, family and friends have already given you tonnes of advice, here are some of your “to-be seniors” who have already been through this phase. These tips on how to do the last day preparation will clear your doubts:

1. JEE Topper’s Tip:

Aman Jain (32 rank) said that a day before the exam, he did not even go through notes made by him. Since he practised many mock tests and therefore was confident about the exam. He spent time with family which eventually helped him keep calm on the day of the exam.

2. Take a walk:

This exercise is more rejuvenating than anything else. Go to some park and just walk around. Don’t do anything else that physically tires you. Plan what will you do once you enter the IIT/ NIT campus. This will make you feel positive.

3. Solve easy questions:

Boost your confidence by solving some easy questions. Revise some most important formulas. Don’t overdo it.

4. Read success story:

IIT Delhi ex-student Swati Gupta said she read a previous year topper’s success story. This made her feel calm and inspired her to be an achiever. You can also talk to someone who would motivate you, that’s important.

5. Be in a happy company:

Reach the hall possibly with a friend with whom you can have a light conversation on the way. Take this as a regular exam.

6. Be positive:

An ex-student of IIT Roorkee said get inside the examination hall with an optimistic attitude. Even if you are unable to do first 15 questions, don’t loose confidence. You can always get the 16th one right.

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