How to Land Your Dream Job without Campus Placements

Campus Placements

You’re down to the last few months of your final year in college and all you can think of is what happens next. Lounging around after graduation is a suggestion welcomed by most fresh graduates, but after the pool parties and long night outs with friends, it’s time to hustle. Like they always say, the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately. Those who were included in campus recruitment or experienced campus placements easily march into their new jobs after graduation. Students who did not make the cut, however, need to sit down and work on their resume to get their dream job.

What is Your Dream Job?

This is a question that many find difficult to answer but the only way to land the dream job is to define what it is. Most fresh graduates make the mistake of convincing themselves that their dream job is the one that offers the highest salary. It is not always about the money. The dream job has to be something that won’t feel like work or on days when it feels like it does, the fire in the belly remains. Be specific with the location, work ambiance, every single detail possible before sending out your resume.

Be Familiar with Your Skill Set

Job Skills

People have their own set of intangible skills and this can take them to places. Whether it be leadership, multitasking, adaptability, it’s important to know what these skills are so it’s easy to enumerate them, especially during the job interview. The campus placements would have been the best venue to mention these things. Inability to do so does not mean that it is the end of the world. As a matter of fact, you can use the situation to your advantage and show the employer that you are determined, strategic, and resilient.

Have Realistic Expectations

It’s good to dream big, but that has to be accompanied with having both feet on the ground. Some fresh graduates send out job applications for top rank positions only to end up in frustration. More often than not, people fresh out of college need to start from the bottom to get a feel for the job, clock in the hours, and gain work experience. Having realistic expectations creates space for flexibility and lessens the risk of disappointment. Rejection and disappointment have the tendency to affect a fresh graduate’s drive and determination – something that should not happen when job hunting.

Patience is Key

Patience is Key

Fact – you won’t receive a reply for every job application you send and that is fine. Most employers opt not to contact applicants who don’t meet their needs because, for them, it’s a waste of time. Be grateful for every reply that you receive and submit the requirements immediately. Even it is suggested that you design the best form of your resume to enchant the employers. It’s also necessary to have the will to change and adapt to today’s market pace. Developments in technology and business have become rapid. It is no longer enough to have the capacity to perform well. What trumps that is the ability to develop, learn, adapt, and grow as an employee of the company. Be an asset, not a liability.

Do Your Research

What is the company’s profile? What is their mission? Vision? Goal? Know these things before sending them a job application. It’s okay to look at the want ads, but if you want to be hired, you need to go beyond the wants and know what they are about. Applicants get plus points when they speak the company’s language.

Mind Your Online Profile

Employers do some background check by searching for their applicant’s name online. Create a rock star professional profile on LinkedIn and be conscious of the things that you post on different social media platforms. The last thing you need is your employer looking at your drunk pictures. It’s also important to create a professional email address. Let go of or those emails you created just for fun.

One can feel disheartened when one is not chosen for campus placements is understandable. This, however, should not stop you from dreaming. The dream job is still yours for the taking so go ahead, apply for it.

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