Last Week Revision Strategy for JEE Mains Exam

For the last week, there are a few things you need to keep in mind

Tip 1:

Don’t panic. Keep telling yourself that panic won’t help and try to keep yourself as calm as possible.

Tip 2:

STOP studying new chapters completely. It will NOT help at this moment. Revise the basic concepts and formulas, especially for the areas that are your strongest (yes strongest, not weakest). Make sure you get everything right in these.

Tip 3:

Try some practice tests. A lot of them are available online with solutions. You could try the previous year Question papers or other sample papers at this time. The purpose is to put yourself through the 3 hour exam routine (preferably from 9:30 to 12:30) multiple times so that you feel comfortable on the day of the exam. (This routine is very important and neglected a lot.) Practice at least  3-5 (it would be ideal though if you get 6-8) tests before exam.

Tip 4:

About the “tukkas”, do not try questions you know absolutely nothing about. Guessing in questions in which you have some idea is a lot easier.
-Try elimination of options through what you know. Guessing works a lot better if you have less number of options to work with. Sometimes you would be able to eliminate all 3 wrong answers.
-Use dimensional analysis for questions in which the options have different units (this works in a lot of questions in Physics as even in questions with options in variables, you can figure out which one has  the right units). This also works in question that you know nothing about.
-If you do a question too quickly and the answer you get is option A, check your solution again, it might be a trap (I’m serious).
For these to work, you need to practice these tricks in tests before the final

Tip 5:

This one is something most of us tend to neglect. If you are in a habit of getting up late, start making efforts to change that because if you try getting up early on the exam day for the first time, you might end up feeling sleepy in the exam which can be very dangerous during the exam. Try to make it a habit of getting up at a time that you need to get up on the final day.


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