Learn and Earn from Programming

The basic programming is heart of almost all the running machine. From Computers to Cars, all are dependent on the skills of programmers. There are studies which clearly stated that the person having good programming skills are having 80% more chances of getting best placements and internship opportunity.

Seeing the demand, Eckovation started a programming certificate course with Code Kernel. The experts here will help every members to learn best art of the programming which help them find a best fit for industries. Not all the time engineering college courses covers the entire content which match with industrial requirement. This is the reason why Code Kernel has taken this initiative.

The programming certificate course of different subjects are of 3 levels: Elementary, Basics and Advance. The details of each level is as following:

1. Elementary: The elementary level is designed to give a fair idea of the course and cover the topic in elemental ways. The easy topics are covered into this level. This is open for everyone and available for free.

2. Basics: This is at the next level where the questions asked in the quiz is of next level. The quizzes are in detail and the value of certificate gain in this is really very nice. This is the level which is paid and here the additional part is, all the participants will get individual counselling from experts.

3. Advance:If you will cover this then you will become the stud of the topic! The best level of the course and once , you will top in that, believe it or not, the chance of falling into the top organizations are almost sure. On weekly basis all of you will be engaged with best industry individuals and they will talk to you guys. The level is paid and totally worth for all the students.

The first online course is on air and at any time you can enroll into this course. The first course is on C-Programming. Must do this because this the best course and the core of everything.

Process to join Courses:

Step 1: Download Eckovation App: The very first step is to register on Eckovation App which is available on all platform.


Step 2: Join Basic Programming Group: For all learning purpose you need to join the basic programming group of Eckovation by using the group code: 382195.

Step 3: Start with elementary level: Along with free video tutorials, there are elementary quizzes which are available in the group. Start giving these quizzes after completing the videos of different topics. The successful candidates will be certified at this level in no cost. The grade will be defined at the end of the post.


Step 3: Smartly Choose Basic and Advance Level:  The most valuable part of the group is to get the certificate of Basic and Advance level. The level of questions at this level is bit higher than elementary and test your skills at industrial standards. Getting a certificate at this level gives a high certainty of good jobs and internship.

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