Learn Blockchain Technology: 7 Reasons why every Engineer should learn it

Uses of blockchain technology
To learn blockchain technology, it is important to understand before that it is a decentralized network through which one can perform any type of transaction of assets, database and money safely and transparently.

The technology learners seek to learn new technology as per the demand of time. Blockchain Technique is the new era of technology which will give new dimensions to the technology market.

When it comes to learning a new technology, we think about the benefits we can avail by taking its certification. There are some reason why one should choose to learn about blockchain –


  1. If you learn blockchain technology, it will give a boost to the career of existing Software Developers 

Many programmers will and can become blockchain developers as those who know JavaScript can easily learn solidity language which is a contract-oriented programming language to write smart contracts on various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum.

So, it’s not like only the freshers can learn this technology, but for existing software developers there is a very good chance for them to give their career a potential growth by getting inked with the latest technology.



2. You can become a Blockchain Educator 

Since the years blockchain technology was introduced, a plenty of opportunities for the educators have increased. They don’t need to learn any language or technology, but they just need a thorough knowledge about the blockchain, what it is, how it works and what are the benefits for implementing it in companies and other departments.

Educators just need to tell the firms and departments about how this new technology will help them in keeping their database and transactions secure and how it is convenient to use without any intermediaries.




  1. A new career option for students opting Engineering 

Every year lakhs of aspirants who are interested in contributing to the technical world select engineering as their academic goal. In India, it is a four year degree programme.

During these years, students opt to learn new languages such as C, C++ and Java etc. With the introduction of blockchain, students have a new option of learning about blockchain technology and also to undertake its full certification course.


It will benefit them in a lot of ways as in preparation for the recruiting companies, major and minor projects. They can make their projects using blockchain technology which will be a cherry on cake in their resumes.



  1. Unbeatable Security 

Security of assets and data has been a major threat over the years. Blockchain technology eliminates the security issues faced in the centralized transaction systems because earlier in centralized systems there was only one centralized database which everyone would rely upon.

If there was any malicious activity on that database then the whole system got corrupted and hacked. As a result if by any chance there was no backup of the database, then it would result in a huge loss.

Blockchain technology has decentralized database and thousands of copies of the same database which is extremely difficult for hackers to hack at the same time.




  1. Newest tool in fighting Cybercrime (if you can learn blockchain technology) 

Cybercrime is one of the major threats in the era of internet. It is a crime which involves a computer and internet. It includes identity theft, transaction fraud, advance fee fraud, hacking, piracy etc.

The blockchain technology ensures protection against the threats of cybercrime because of the system in such a way that if an unauthorised person tries to makes any modification in the decentralized database then it will be automatically discarded due to not matching of the chain of existing blocks of information.



  1. Potential in all fields 

Blockchain gives users of internet the ability to create value and authenticate digital information. The fields include:

  • Finance – Best example is Bitcoin which is crypto currency and digital payment system working on blockchain technology.
  • Education – Educational institutions and their groups can use blockchain to securely store badges, credits, qualifications and educational data making it available for a distinct group of people.
  • Public sector – In shipment, government organizations, taxation, smart contracts, Record keeping, digital cheques.
  • Farmers – To establish direct and transparent contact with the buyers. In conventional system, farmers
  • Personal Transactions – To transfer the money from one person to other. For example- money from buyer to item seller will reach directly without any transaction fee taken by the intermediaries.
  • IT companies – in cloud storage and supply chain communications.
  • Land title registration – It will be more secure and no one can make any illegal changes in the documents to avoid conflicts.
  • Stock trading
  • Electronic voting – Voting is one of the most sensitive areas in any country. With the help of blockchain voting will become safe and explicit.


  1. Termination of blockchain is never possible –

    This technology will never come to an end according to recent researches. Statistics reveal that the number of blockchain technology users has gradually increased over the years and will keep inflating.


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