List of Good IoT (Internet of Things) Mini Project Topics

Bruce Schneier an American computer security professional and writer quoted -“The internet is no longer a web that we connect to. Instead, it’s a computerized, networked, and interconnected world that we live in. This is the future, and what we’re calling the Internet of Things.” In the broadest sense, the term IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet. In this article we are going to see a List of Good IoT (Internet of Things) Mini Project Topics.

But at same time this concept is also changing the internet itself. After connecting people through internet, technological advancements in the networking are paving the way forward for interconnected real world objects that can communicate with each other over the internet. Also, taking this connectivity to another level by connecting multiple devices at a time to the internet thereby facilitating man to machine and machine to machine interactions. This innovative technology has business applications in areas of home automation, vehicle automation, factory line automation, medical, retail, healthcare and more.

How IoT works?

IOT works in reference to a basic principle of sending collected/sensed data to the internet and then processing this data according to the specific needs. One exquisite feature of this technology is that this data can now be accessed by other things too. Consequently the working procedure can be viewed as being comprised of three simple steps:

Sensing and collecting data

First of all the data is collected from the surrounding environment. Sensors are employed for this job. A device can have multiple sensors for gathering data related to different aspects of the environment.


Next step is very obvious, as we have already collected the data. Now this data is sent to the cloud(internet). The sensors can be connected to the cloud through various mediums of communication and transports such as cellular networks, satellite networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wide-area networks (WAN).

Data processing and making it available

Thereafter the data is processed according to the needs. Finally this data is used to perform tasks and and actions as required. This processed information can also be made available to end user.

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List of Good IoT (Internet of Things) Mini Project Topics

IOT based patient health monitoring system

IOT based patient health monitoring system

This project is build for monitoring various parameters of the patients health using internet of things. Real-time parameters of patient are sent to cloud, as a result enabling users to view these details from anywhere in the world. Number of sensors used depends on the parameters you want to consider. A basic project can comprise of two sensors that record temperature and heartbeat of the patient using temperature and heartbeat sensors. Further you can add more sensors such as humidity sensor and blood pressure sensor. This project is very useful since the doctor can now monitor patient’s health parameters just by visiting website or URL.

IoT color based sorting machine project

IoT color based sorting machine project

This project aims to sort different objects and keep them at a specific location based on the object color. The system is implemented using a camera, which captures the image of the objects. This image is used to detect/sense color of the objects. Thereafter objects with similar color are placed together using motors or robotics arms. Finally IOT is used for sending the number of each color of objects to the web portal where one can monitor everything. This system has practical applications in industries to segregate and separate different clothes, toys, bags and sort fruits/vegetables. IOT may not be necessary for the working of this system but is extremely essential for making the industrial process efficient and productive.

IoT based home automation system

IoT based home automation system

If you are tired of being reminded to switch off lights, air cons and tv’s at your home. Then this project is for you. It can get you a life that millennials have always dreamt of.

The main objective is to connect all the home appliances to internet so that they can in-turn be controlled by internet. WiFi module has to be used to implement the micro web server for the home gateway. Furthermore PIR sensor can be used to automatically control the appliances and detect human movement. Each electronic/electrical appliance in the system needs to be connected to a microcontroller as it specifies all the operations on receiving inputs. Thus all the appliances can be controlled by smartphone app by sending instructions to microcontroller through wifi.

IoT based bio-metric implementation

IOT based bio-metric implementationIn today’s technology based society, traditional individual authentication methods are gradually becoming obsolete. Bio-metric authentication is taking over traditional password or ID card based authentication.

For the reason that they are unique to every individual and impossible to forge makes them more reliable and accurate. This project uses finger print module that can detect the finger print of a user and facilitate the authentication. The finger print of the users should be stored in the server to recognise the user. Consequently once the authentication process is over, the data will be uploaded to the cloud server for storage and analysis purpose.

 IoT based smart transportation system

 IoT based smart transportation system

This project aims to use IoT technology to design a transportation system which can reform and enhance the current system. Long tiring traffic jams are not new to the crowded cities. Using an automated microcontroller based traffic control system using sensors along with live updates can be an ideal solution to it. Ultrasonic sensors can be integrated with the micrcontroller to operate the lanes of an intersection based on the density of traffic. Consequently data gathered from ultrasonic sensors and IR sensors can be updated on a user accessible website. Further this system can help emergency vehicles such as ambulances to find a clear way.

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