List of Latest Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

Fascinating Arduino projects for engineers

If you are an electronic enthusiast, you must be on a constant hunt for a List of Latest Arduino Projects for Engineering Students, to make. Some of the most interesting projects in the field of electronics and communications are made by using Arduino. Now “What’s Arduino?” you ask? Well, Arduino is an open source electronics prototyping platform. Basically, it is the ideal tool for all the electronics hobbyists and enthusiasts. Hence, this article is intended for all the electronics fanatics to get experienced with this amazing tool, and to give ideas of fascinating Arduino projects for engineers.

However, Absolute beginners, fret not. Because At Eckovation, we have an amazing collection of information regarding Arduino. So click below to have a better understanding of Arduino.

What is Arduino and How you can learn it?

List of Latest Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

  • Biometric identification system using Arduino.

Security of valuable commodities is one of the prime concerns for institutions, organizations, and people. Therefore here is a useful project based on Arduino. This project is intended to scan the fingerprints of the particular user, and grant access if the user is an authorized person by the institution.

List of 5 Latest Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

Components used-

  1. Arduino UNO.
  2. Fingerprint module.
  3. Liquid Crystal Display.
  4. Servo motor.
  5. LEDs.
  6. Resistors.
  7. Power supply and connecting wires.


The fingerprint module is a module which captures the impression of the finger. Thus the project treats this impression or image as the input for the system. Users can save their fingerprints on the system. Finally when trying to get access to their valuables, the fingerprint scanned is the authorized. Then the servo motor works to open the door and provides access to the users.

  • Arduino based Robotic Arm

The robotic arm is a programmable mechanical arm, which functions very similarly as the human arm. Consequently this feature makes this project a very interesting one. Thus this robotic arm can be manipulated to perform various tasks.

List of 5 Latest Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

Components required-

  1. Arduino UNO.
  2. Servo motor.
  3. Power supply.
  4. Capacitors.
  5. Variable resistors.


The variable resistors are attached to the robotic arm. Consequently, these variable resistors are responsible for the movement of the arm. The Arduino controls the servo motor. Thus the motor is responsible for the accurate movement of the arm. Thus, this project gives an easy understanding of Arduino as well as robotics. Additionally, you can learn all about robotics at Eckovation. So click at the link below for an outstanding robotics course by Eckovation.

Eckovation Robotics Certification Course

  • PIR motion sensor based on Arduino

PIR motion sensors are Passive InfraRed motion sensors. Thus, connecting PIR sensors to Arduino can be a useful as well as an easy task. Hence, this project is aimed to detect motions with the help of these sensors.


Components required

  1. Arduino UNO.
  2. PIR sensor module.
  3. Relay.
  4. Connecting wires.
  5. Breadboard.


The PIR sensor module consists of a pyroelectric sensor. This sensor generates energy whenever it is exposed to heat. Hence, whenever any object or person enters the range of the PIR sensors, the sensors detect that object and switches on the trigger.

  • Arduino based real time clock

Arduino can be used to construct a time keeping device. So this is a fun project which can easily keep track of time. Moreover it can also be employed as a part of other embedded systems.

Components required-

  1. Arduino UNO.
  2. RTC (Real Time Clock) Module.
  3. LCD display.
  4. Power supply.
  5. Breadboard and connecting wires.


The Real Time Clock Module is interfaced with Arduino and keeps a constant track of time after it is fed with the current time. The Liquid Crystal Display is used for showing the time information. This project can be coupled with other embedded systems, to make complex devices such as data loggers and automated clocks or alarms.

  • Traffic light control system using Arduino

Supervision of vehicles on roads is of utmost importance to maintain the safety of people. Hence this project is intended for guidance of vehicles using traffic lights. So it maintains the sound movement of vehicles, and reduces the chances of accidents.

List of 5 Latest Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

Components required-

  1. Arduino UNO.
  2. Red LEDs.
  3. Green LEDs.
  4. Yellow LEDs.
  5. Power supply.
  6. Breadboard.
  7. Resistors.
  8. Connecting wires.


The projects works in a manner that it controls the Red, Yellow, and Green lights over four lanes. Firstly, through a predefined timer, the green light in lane 1 is turned ON, and the red lights in all of the other three lanes are turned ON. After the predefined time, the yellow lights of lane 1 and lane 2 are turned on simultaneously for a short time period. Consequently, the red light of lane 2 and green light of lane 1 are turned OFF.  After a while, the Green light in lane 2 is turned ON, and the red light of lane 1 is turned ON. Finally, this continues for specific time periods with all the lights of the respective lanes.

  • Some other interesting projects include-

  1. Arduino based RADAR system.
  2. Arduino RFID reader.
  3. Home Automation based on Arduino.
  4. Wireless doorbell based on Arduino.
  5. Arduino based Digital Thermometer.
  6. Biomedical monitor based on Arduino.
  7. Intelligent fire alarm system.
  8. Arduino based electricity energy meter.
  9. Home security alarm system.
  10. Arduino based solar tracker.

So these were some fascinating Arduino projects for engineers. Still have some queries or doubts regarding Arduino? Because Eckovation has a plethora of articles related to Arduino and projects based on this tool. You may want to check out these informative posts about Arduino.

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