How to Make an Easy Robot for School Project

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I’m completely operational and all my circuits are functioning normally–
Hal (2001, A Space Odyssey)

So, basically we can see that the machines are ruling the world. Technology is growing day by day. Today we are totally dependent upon technology. However, it has its boon as well as bane too.

One of the Advancements in Technology is a ROBOT. So, before talking about creating one, let us get to know about Robots.

What is a Robot?

A robot is a machine which is a combination of hardware as well as software that works on human commands or as per the user has commanded. Robots are used in different areas. They are used in areas like teaching, learning, exploring, making life easier, etc.

The ultimate motive to use and create more and more advance robots is the requirement to make life easy and to explore ultimate possibilities. As we all know that currently, living on mars in not possible. But, why we are so sure of this? Well, if we go there and explore the possibilities of living. Then, it will be more expensive. But, if a robot does all this task, then it is not that much expensive. Even robots are helping humans in many works like their household or any other work which makes their life easier.

How to Make an Easy Robot for School Project?

Well, coming straight to the topic. How to Make an Easy Robot for School Project?

Making robot for a school child is not easy but it is not impossible too. There are many ways as well as many types of options available to make a robot. Both options include that you must have some basic knowledge in robotics and creation of robot.

Well, there are two ways by which you can make a robot.

  • The Easy Way

Robotics kit
Robotics kit

The Quickest and the easy way of making a robot will be buying a robotics kit. Robotics kit is the kit available online or at any electronics store. In this kit, you will find the components as well an instruction manual on how to make a robot. With this, you can easily make a robot. It’s just like solving a puzzle with instruction manual. There are many types of robot you can make with the help of this kit. Some of them are Cubelets, Thimio, Dash and Dot, etc.

  • The Hard Way

Robot projects
Robot projects

The hard but worth the time way is as follows. In this way, you have to collect all the parts required to make your robot. Then, you have to calibrate and synchronize every part to make it useful. Now, at last your work is to assemble all of your parts. This way is considered to be difficult as it involves a lot of work. You will have to research a lot about the parts, then synchronizing is not an easy task, then assembling is not easy too. Some projects in this way of making robots include the maze solver robot, light following robot, Hexapods, WiFi controlled robots etc.

Although the hard way is difficult but it is worth the hardship, the projects made this way are much better and useful as compared to those that are made in the easy way. The robots made in this way are more mechanical and are having more usefulness to the society.

Learn more about Robotics Kit by clicking here and more about Robot projects by clicking here.

Well, before making a project on robotics, you know that you must have knowledge about robotics and it’s creations. So, let’s talk about it now.

Skills Required

If you are really interested in the field of robotics and you really want to make a good robot, then you must have the required knowledge in the following fields.

  • Programming :

This is the basis of Robotics. Programming is the part of the robot in which the user provides and commands its functions and tasks. Hence, learning a programming language well will be the first and foremost step in the process of building a robot.

Learn 15 most in-demand languages by clicking here.

  • Networking/Communication

Not only your robotics application might be communicating with a bunch of sensors and output devices, but it could also be communicating with other robots, or the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet. You need to understand how to process the incoming and outgoing data in an efficient and timely manner within the capabilities of the microprocessor.

  • Safety

Unlike a pure computer program, a robot that’s moving and doing or controlling things has the potential to cause actual physical damage. You need to do your best to consider these possibilities and mitigate the risks.

Components Required


If you are really interested in the field of robotics and you really want to make a good robot, then you must have the required knowledge of the following robotics components.

  • Arduino and its components

Its one of the main component to make a robot, the command is provided through this platform only.

  • Motor and other mechanical parts

This part of robot is the physical functioning part which provides mechanical strength and support to the robot.

  • Bread Board or Printed Circuit Board

This is the basic board on which you will assemble your Robotic Components.

So, this was some general knowledge which you will require to make a robot. Hope this information will be useful to you.

Depending on the projects you’re working on you may not be responsible for all of these areas, or may not need to know all the details because you’ll have a team of people working on different parts of the system, but it helps to familiarize yourself with what’s going on so you know at least the basics.

If you are interested in advancements, you can make your own robot by clicking here.

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