How to make a professional project report

How to make a professional project report

We all do our projects with all our heart. All of us, put our souls into it. We work day and night to get the results . If we do not get the results, we rework. Finally, after putting lots of efforts a project completes. Lots of work goes into it, therefore it is necessary to present it well. Project report does our work, certainly not the difficult one. I have seen most of my project mates not liking the idea to make report. I agree it is a tiresome process. Therefore, in this article I will list down how to present your project.

Project Report Format –

In the first page goes the name of the institution and the title of your project. In addition to it add the names of team members. The following pages include the acknowledgement, abstract, and index. Acknowledgement is thanking all the people who helped you. Abstract is the brief intro to your work. Make sure, you follow the order. The index should begin with the introduction of your project. After that, add list of figures and abbreviations used. Certainly, the most important point is do all of it on fresh pages.

Here is an insight to how the first page looks :




After all the above mentioned things, add introduction. It should contain all the information about your project. The reader while reading it should get the basic goal of your project. The introduction is selling point of your project hence, it should be concise. The reader should understand in first few lines about the project. If you are making an internship report, rules differs. In that report, you add the information about the company.

After introduction, list the requirements. If it is a hardware project, list all the components. If it is a software project list all the software. It will be really helpful if you add the details of the components that you put to work. A brief explanation about how they work because that increases the readability ease. Similarly, a brief knowledge about the software will be of great help.

After the requirements, list down the working of the project. It gets a little bit tricky here. I advice you to use simple language because our aim should reach to all. This section is the heart of your project. Therefore, plan it before you are going to write it. It will contain the list of all the technical work you did. If your project is a hardware project , add the circuit diagram. If you are taking circuit diagram from website which certainly you will. Make sure, you edit the image. Remove all the links that are written on the image. After adding the circuit diagram , write the explanation about it. While, you are writing it make sure it in not same as in the website. It gives good impression if you explain your project in your own way.

If the project is software, add the details of the software. Moreover mention the working algorithm behind it. Software project is more about the idea than the mechanical work. Explanation about the algorithm should be added. If you are using combination of algorithms, list the reason as to why you are doing it. Most importantly, write why did you use the particular software. Enumerate all the other products available in the market. The disadvantages of all of them. Basically, it is the heart and soul of your project , rest all are the mere addition to you work.

After the working, make a section about the difficulties. It should contain all the challenges you came across. The hardware project has all the components failures all the time. Whenever, you are making hardware project, one or the other components gets more then the required current. The voltage overloads, the currents are less. List all of them. It will be great if you could make a table stating the comparisons you found because the practical values are always different. Similarly, report about all the crashes you face while working on project. Obviously, it holds for the software project.

After the difficulties, write about the improvements. This section would contain the fixes you did to the above mentioned problems. It is important that you do it with utmost care because it will be the reference to others. Mention the new changes that you made besides those that are already done. Your documentation work more or less is finished here. All that is left is bibliography and references. The reference section should list all the resources that you read to make the project. All of these section would make your report an excellent one.

Even so, I have listed all the sections. There always can be more of them. For example the working can always be divided into subsections. It gives better understanding. Last but not the least , drop your comments about the article. If you think i have left out some points do add them in your comments. Also , here is the link for the project ideas that you can do

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