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Every engineering student has wondered about what he can work on as a project . Application of microcontrollers is on the rise in electronics. Microcontroller is a small and self contained computer on-chip. It can be used to build several low-cost and less-complex projects. As a result, most of the students prefer microcontroller based mini projects to improve their knowledge with innovative ideas.

A Microcontroller is built internally with some special functional features. Embedded C language is used for programming of microcontrollers. Microcontroller projects are implemented in different categories such as embedded electronics, robotics, electrical and instrumentation.

Innovative microcontroller projects for engineering students

Find basic information on microcontroller here: PIC 16F84

Here are some suggestions for microcontroller based projects :


A device designed to check the availability of a particular book in a library with the use of unique flags for each book. PIC 16F887 can be used for this project along with LEDs and buzzer along with LCD for indication . Thus the microcontroller checks the status of various books stored in the library by checking their flag values.



A device that can indicate water level in tank and auto cutoff the supply to the motor . It will be made using IR LED and sensor . IR LED’s output is continuously reflected by water level and sensed by the sensor. Finally the distance is calculated using the time taken for the infrared light to travel from IR LED to sensor.



This system gives a provision for partial lighting . TRIAC trims the input waveform thus saving power . The user selects an input from a scale according to which the waveform of AC input to the light is altered. Once the altered waveform is input to the bulb, the light intensity varies.

Idea concept with row of light bulbs and glowing bulb



The microcontroller can be used to make a safe enclosing . The microcontroller raises an alarm if the door is opened without entering the password or the boundary is opened anywhere. This also serves as a boundary check for warehouse that senses infestation by rodents. It is based on simple circuit interruption logic. If the circuit is active a small value DC current is passes through low resistance wire covering the enclosure. The DC supply turns off when we enter the password. Consequently we can access the location. Hence whenever someone tries to enter without the password, the DC supply is obstructed. As a result the LED or the buzzer alerts the user.



Proximity sensors in each parking compartment can help the user to stop car at the correct distance and can tell the status of parking space . Also, we can modify the compartment to display its status at the entry. This system indicates the status of the space at the particular floor.



This project aims to sense the alcohol in certain range of surrounding  environment. This project finds application in multiple fields like monitoring of vitals, security, etc.



A person counter counts the number of times a path is traversed. Interestingly, this project makes use of a similar logic as water level indicator. IR LED and sensor are placed opposite to each other with continuous sensing. Every time someone crosses this portion, the signal is obstructed leading to a count increase on the display. However, this serves as a prototype as strong range IR LEDs are not available so easily. Consequently there ate various practical applications of this system. These include places where the footfall needs to be calculated in order to estimate the supplies required.



The amount of water required for certain type of crop during a certain season can be saved in database which can be accessed using keypad. According to this input ,the functioning of water pump can be varied . This system finds wide application in a country like India where continuous developments are being made to conserve resources. A watering system ensures that crop receive proper nourishment and water is not wasted. It uses a moisture sensor to detect the moisture in surrounding air. The microcontroller receives the output of the sensor and compares it with the standard value (for a particular season). Hence, the output of the comparison controls the functioning of the motor or water pump.



Based on the number of cars in a certain area, traffic lights can be controlled. Commuters save time as traffic lights operate on traffic density.

Find more microcontroller based project suggestions here: MICROCONTROLLER PROJECTS

Please note:
You may use any microcontroller according to your project requirement. Generally, during college projects, we make use of 8 bit microcontrollers. While practical applications incorporate 32 bit microcontrollers.

Concluding these were some microcontroller projects. Consequently feel free to contact us if you need further details on any of these ideas. We at ECKOVATION will be more than happy to help anyone who needs any guidance .

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