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The Microprocessor plays a significant role in the everyday functioning of industrialized societies. Actually, it is better to say this high tech modern era is surrounded by microprocessors. A microprocessor is a programmable, multipurpose, clock driven, register-based electronic device that accepts binary data as input, stores it in the form of instructions, processes the data and gives the desired output.

microprocessor chip

Let me explain you with an example. Assume your human brain as a microprocessor which can store memory. Suppose a dusty wind is blowing. Your eyes and face give information as input to your brain. Your brain then processes it and tells the output device such as your hand to cover your face. This is the way how a microprocessor works.

Let me tell u an interesting thing. The microprocessor has the same decision making capability as that of a CPU. But the microprocessor is a chip that can do a specific task one at a time. However, a CPU is the combination of these microprocessor chips and also other components that can do several tasks at a time.

Here the input is given by the user in the form of mnemonics (codes given as instructions) called assembly language. The assembler then converts this assembly language into binary machine code because microprocessor or any computing device only understand 1 & 0.

The first microprocessor of 4-bit 4004 was introduced in the year 1971 designed with 2300 transistors with a clock speed of 108khz. However, the development in this field is like a sea. Today the latest processor i7 64-bit is designed with an estimated 8 crores no of transistors with a clock speed of 4Ghz. You can see the difference in development from 1971-2008.

A programmable machine can be easily made with help of a microprocessor, input(keyboard) and output(monitor) devices as a hardware and with a memory chip. However, the combination of all these four components into a single chip is called a microcontroller.


In microprocessor the work is not predefined like we can do gaming, photo editing, copy, move etc all this operation in a computer whereas in microcontroller the work is predefined. Examples of the microcontroller are a digital camera, washing machine, microwave oven etc. so don’t mess these two terms.

Ok now Let’s move forward and discuss some project ideas.

Students are always in a big dilemma about their projects. At Eckovation you have published various articles to chose your best topic for your projects like IoT, Embedded system, IR sensors, PIC Microcontroller, Mini-projects and many more. Why not add one more in the list “Microprocessor Projects”.

I am sure you will be mesmerized when you go through this cool projects on the microprocessor.


1. Attendance Recorder


This a cool project where you will be able to count and keep a record of the total no of students present in the class. This is designed with the help of an 8085 microprocessor. Suppose in a room you keep this device and at the door, the counter is placed which counts the total no of students entering and leaving the room. The students entering are instructed to enter their roll no in the device. Suppose 10 students entered the room and entries their roll no. The subject is boring and two students left out before the teacher arrives. This attendance recorder keeps the record and displays all the roll no and no of students present in the class. So sorry no chance of proxy with this device.

2. Pong Game

pong game

Woo! Game. Hope you all have heard this pong game. It is the first computer game ever created. It is like the tennis game. The game consists of two switches/paddle (act like a racket) and a ball. The goal is to hit the ball to your opponent region. If the opponent misses you score a point. It is no doubt a cool game. It is also said that this game brought a revolution in the video gaming industry. This project is designed with the help of the 8085 Microprocessor, various chips, LEDs, Resistors, RAM, ROM, Peripheral ICs and many more. Give a try to pong game.

3. Temperature controlled fan


One more cool project. Suppose its 4 A.M. in the morning and your fan speed is high and you are feeling cold. You have to walk to the switch to control your fan speed. Isn’t it feel sluggish. No problem now you don’t need to wake up and walk to the switch. You make a device using Arduino Uno, temperature sensor, microprocessor and microcontroller and motor driver that senses the temperature of your room and controls the speed of the fan. If the temperature goes high the speed of the fan increases and vice-versa. You can also set the minimum temperature to off the fan. Isn’t it cool?

4. Smart knock knock door



If you want to meet an officer in any organization or in offices you have seen that a person sits outside the room of an officer, goes inside the room and tells the officer. The officer gets disturbed if doing some important task. But with the help of microprocessor, IR Sensor and remote you can make a device where you can press the switch as if like knock-knock in the door. The officer sitting inside with the help of remote gives the indication whether he wants to meet the visitor or not. Cool one? Yes.

5. Traffic signal controlling

traffic signals

In this project, you will able to make a traffic monitoring signal using microprocessor and counters. The counter counts the no of vehicles passing by and you can set the traffic led light to switch from green to yellow to red after passing a significant no of vehicles. This is the way exactly done in real traffic monitoring signals. Give a try on this project.

7.Home Automation


All of you may have heard about this. It gives you the access to control the electro-mechanical devices present at your home by simply monitoring on your mobiles or on PC. It is an IoT. You all get this home automation designing project in the list of IoTs. But this kind of project can also be designed with the help of a microprocessor. How? Sorry that you have to think. It is your project try to itch your brain. Get the best out of it.

The list goes on as microprocessor development is touching the skies. Few more ideas I will like to extend the list so that u will have a wide range of selection for your projects.

  • Street lights intensity control

  • Electronic birthday cake

  • Day predictor

  • Obstacle game

  • Othello game

  • Snake game

  • Periodic table quiz

  • Automatic alarm using the light sensor

  • Number guessing game

  • Multi-pattern light

  • Number guessing game

  • Electronic hourglass

  • Plant irrigation system

  • Electronic voting machine

  • Digital clock

  • Smart bin

  • LPG Leakage Detector

  • Automatic Night Lamp

  • Access Control System

  • Simple calculator

  • Temperature Indicator

  • Human speed detection

  • Ultrasonic Object Detection

  • ICARD Checker

And many more

In conclusion, the microprocessor is in the unstoppable mood of development. The microprocessor generation series by Intel is a big example. It has been one of the greatest innovation of all time. In the coming years, you can see a lot more from this micro-series.

I hope this list of suggestion may give you the best ideas to build the best innovative project on microprocessor we have ever seen. If any kind of guidance is required Eckovation is always there with you. We have a professional balanced team.

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For any queries don’t hesitate to comment. Your feedback is our motivation.

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