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An academic minor is a college or university student’s declared secondary academic discipline during their undergraduate studies. Some students will prepare for their intended career with their major, while pursuing personal interests with a minor.

“So, what’s your minor?” 
This line doesn’t crop up too often and in fact sounds cheesier than being asked what your major is. You know your major is important: It gives you the skills for your future career, and it’s what employers look at. But what’s the real value in having a minor? Can it hurt you if you don’t have one? We found out.

What can declaring a minor do for you? 
Depending on your college and chosen major, you may be required to choose a minor. If your school doesn’t explicitly call for you to have a minor, it may still be right for you. If you choose wisely, you can make your minor work for you! There are two main reasons why collegiettes declare minors:

  • To explore something new: If you have a subject you’d LOVE to explore, college is the perfect time to take a few music or literature classes, learn about pop culture, fashion, or anything else! A minor can be a great way to do this. Rather than just having a few classes under your belt, you can officially “declare” and have your minor added onto your degree when you graduate.
  • To get a leg up: A minor can look great on your resume and can put you ahead of competitors in some instances. If this is your goal in choosing a minor, choose carefully.”

However, they aren’t necessarily that important… A minor can be a great asset if you decide on one that clearly portrays your interest in a certain field. It can place you in a specific niche that could help you stand out. It’s not a good idea to rely on your minor to get a better job, however. After all, a minor in business is not as valuable as a bachelor’s degree. You should choose a minor for personal reasons, not just to pad your resume.

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