Minor and Major Projects for Engineering Students

Role of Minor and Major Projects in life of Engineering students are very crucial. It not just affect the grades of Engineering but also matter a lot for good CV/Resume. So before choosing the minor and major project, you should explore the options and pick the correct domain where the opportunities are immense.

Benefits of doing the Projects for Engineering students

Projects are generally done as a combined team effort. Two or more students work under a guide or a staff to get a certain results. By doing a project, you will

  1. Understand your subject better
  2. Get practical experience
  3. Chance to showcase your skills
  4. Learn about team work, communication skills and responsibilities

How to Choose the Best Projects

You can do any kind of projects based on your interests or subjects. The best way to go about this is to figure out what you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in Designing, then you can design a website of your own or create a poster using Photoshop or Illustrator. So the first step is to find your interest and then do projects in your area of interest.

To help you all, in Eckovation, we have launched the best project program in top 11 segments:

  1. Machine Learning Program: Join Here
  2. Data Analyst Projects: Join Here
  3. Big Data and Data Science: Join Here
  4. Internet of Things + Kits: Join Here
  5. Blockchain + CryptoCurrency Course: Join Here  
  6. Robotics Certification Course + Kit: Join Here
  7.  Matlab Certification Program : Join Here
  8. Full Stack Web Development : Join Here 
  9. Internet of Things + Kits: Join Here 
  10. Drone Development Project + Kits: Join Here
  11. Android + iOS App Development: Join Here

Major Highlight of the Program

The major highlight of the program are as following:

  • Training in special skills on which the project will be developed
  • IIT Mentors to help the individuals for minor an major projects of engineering
  • Development of the project
  • Boost in CV/Resume
  • Job opportunities after engineering
  • Industrial Connect


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