Most important last 3 Days tips for a JEE Mains aspirant

1. Stay in touch with PCM equally

I just studied one subject too much in the last week up to the JEE exam (Chemistry in my case).

Just don’t do this – stay in touch equally with all three subjects during your last few days of JEE Prep.

2. Revise all formulae.

I did not go through simple physical chemistry formulae before the JEE and as a result got confused when the time came to apply the concepts.

3. Solve 1 full length practice test daily for 1 week till the D-Day.

This will not make you nervous on the actual paper as you would already have gotten into the time-management gear.

Another mistake I did during my prep days were to totally neglect solving full length tests and just solved random questions – killed my confidence and time estimation skills!

4. Relax – Watch some TV and read some jokes (but don’t keep watching TV 4 hours at a stretch, haha)

You need to take it easy before the exam. Stress is a big time confidence-killer. I stressed myself out and screwed my JEE as a result.

5. Focussed revision – You need do quick and smart revision in the last 1 – 2 weeks – of whatever you studied during the last two years.

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