6 Must Have Skills for Every Web Developers

Web Development

Web design and development are the fastest growing professions as everybody nowadays want to enhance their online presence and increase their sales. Developers are demanded to have enough skills to create a search engine optimized website that can boost their rankings.

For possessing such qualities, developers need to have some extra skills so that they can cope up with the companies’ requirements. That’s why, now every web development company wants to hire the developers who design, develop and manage their websites and this demand isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Skills that every Web Developer needs to Possess

Whether you are just starting out as a Fresher in this web development world or are looking to switch the career and become a web professional, there are some basic skills you need to have before stepping into this universe.


HTML is the foundation for all that is seen on the internet and the webpages. It is the standard markup language for creating webpages. It is the basic building block that you’ll need for creating websites. How a website will function practically depends on how the developer has used the HTML tags.

HTML and CSS always tend to walk hand in hand when comes to giving a shape to your HTML document. But then, you can’t write CSS without HTML and vice versa. Think both in the other ways- like HTML builds the skeleton of the website and CSS gives shape and look. These are the most basic web development skills that every developer must master.


Where HTML & CSS determine presentation, Javascript determine function; the actual programming language. In some sites, just the statics are fine, but then there are some sites that need dynamics like videos, audios animations, scrolling abilities, etc. then you’ll need JavaScript.

As soon as you master HTML and CSS, you’ll want to learn how to interact with the users through your website. The website gets more hits when it lets its visitors communicate with it.

Javascript lets you create interactive forms, pop-ups, alerts and much more cool stuff which excites the visitors and make them stay a little longer. Through Javascript, you can create a better user experience using videos, search bars, and social media share buttons.

Analytical Skills

If your web development skills are strong, you’ll definitely create successful websites. But there’s a marketing side of the job that a developer has to understand thoroughly and create website analysis accordingly.

A website needs changing when consumers’ point of view changes. So, design, coding and development of a website always evolve to satisfy the ever-changing consumer needs.

There are a number of ways to understand the behavior of the consumers by analyzing their incoming sources, like Google analytics, SEMRush, etc. With these, you’ll better understand your target audience and with all this knowledge, you can create more appealing websites.

Responsive Design

Remember that your audiences aren’t only using one device to view your site. It should be mobile responsive as well. Gone are the days when people used only one device to view websites and were totally satisfied with what they had. But now they need mobile responsiveness at each site.

If your site isn’t responsive enough, to stick your customers for a while, then you have become a victim of pogo-sticking. Always aim for longer clicks by implementing all responsive principles and applying them on the coding side to get better and longer traffic.


These days websites need SEO services to boost traffic and leads on their site. Nowadays, most consumers tend to buy products and services online and the websites that don’t implement SEO on their site, cannot show up in the search results and eventually lose their points of possible conversions.

Web Developers can help websites to rank better and garner more traffic. The demand for SEO is increasing day by day and investing in SEO will pay off eventually when the websites start getting results from it.

Version Control

What if something goes wrong along the w0061y of developing?  And starting over from the beginning is the last thing you want to do, right? Version control is a process of tracking and controlling the changes you make into your code so this won’t happen anytime.

With version control software, you can track those changes so that you can go back to previous versions and find out what went wrong before tearing the whole thing down. This is a must skill for every web developer to have.

Final Words

Web Development is the fastest growing world around and these were some of the most important and minimum skills required to become a professional web developer.

As technology advances, web development companies would want to enhance their websites exponentially. There will always be a huge demand for web developers in the coming future.


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