The necessary skill set for a valuable engineer

The necessary skill set for a valuable engineer

Engineering is a term that covers a wide range of disciplines. Each of these branches require discrete skills and abilities. However, there are some skills that are a common requisite for all the branches. And in today’s world, the more upgraded you keep your skills, the greater will be your chances to land your dream job. So let us review the necessary skill set for a valuable engineer.

The necessary skill set for a valuable engineer

Skills can be broken down into two categories- Hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills, also known as technical skills, revolve around professional knowledge and qualities. Where as soft skills are linked to your personality attributes and your attitude. Hard skills are tangible, while soft skills are usually vague. However, both hard skills and soft skills are extremely crucial for engineers.

Therefore in this blog we will analyse the most important skills, both technical and non-technical, and list them by the weight they carry for engineers.

Essential technical skills –

  • Computer proficiency –

With new technologies being introduced every hour, there is no denying that basic computer skills are currently the most important skills to add in your profile. Computer proficiency and programming skills are not limited to computer science engineers anymore. It doesn’t matter whichever field you are specializing in, the engineers who have fundamental computer knowledge will always have an edge over those who don’t. Hence, learning programming and computer science fundamental will definitely be a career defining moment for every engineer.

Steps to be Computer proficient :

  • Learn the C programming language.

C is the mother of all languages. Learning C will open a plethora of other languages, from C++ and Java to scripting languages to assembly languages. Though mandatory for students of CSE, IT, and ECE branches, C is becoming extremely important for students of other branches as well.  After learning C, it will be possible for you to learn any other language more efficiently. Furthermore, C is one of the most efficient and simple languages. Hence, every engineer should devote at least some time towards mastering the elegant language that is C.

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  • Brush up your MS Office skills.

Learning the fundamentals of MS office will open up a wide range of job opportunities for you. Therefore learning to use MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel etc is of the utmost importance for every engineer. An engineer trained for the tools of Microsoft Office will be able to make presentable reports and presentations, which will prove handy to the institutions. Hence, These are universal tools that are required for almost every job profile.

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  • Branch specific skills –

This one is a no brainer. An engineer should be well versed at the tools and softwares that are specific to his branch. Not only do you need profound theoretical knowledge about your branch, you also need a solid foundation in the tools and products of your specific discipline. Make an effort to research about the current trends going on in your respective branch, and then try to master them.

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These were the most important technical skills that you must have in your skill set.

Essential soft skills –

  • Communication skills –

Do you want to stand out from the competition? The ability to communicate effectively will help you immensely to be noticed, and more importantly make a lasting impression on everyone. Communication is the moving force of every organization. Consequently great communication skills are the most important of all skills, be it technical or soft. Good communication skills will help you to be successful in any career that you wish to pursue.

Generally misunderstood to be just verbal, communication can only be substantial when the people involved in it can truly connect and understand each other. This is where non-verbal communication comes into play. Non-verbal communication comprises of your body language, your gestures, eye contact, and also your confidence and behavior. Additionally, your emotional awareness can play a huge role in the way you communicate. According to a study, about 93% of the communication takes place is non-verbal communication. Hence how you convey your thoughts is certainly more important than what you have to say!

  • Problem solving attitude –

Engineering is primarily about solving problems. Therefore another important skill that you need to be an efficient engineer is the problem solving skill. This skill requires a person to be critical as well as creative. Organizations are continuously looking for people who can identify the problem, make good decisions, and then take efficient measures to solve the problem. Greater your problem solving skills, more valuable you will be for your organization.

  • Leadership –

Leaders are the people who create a vision, and then set essential directions for others to build that vision. They have the ability to inspire people to do the right thing. Leaders can take an organization to new heights. Therefore, leadership is a crucial characteristic to have. When engineers, along with their technical abilities, have the leadership quality, they become invaluable to institutions. While there have been contradictions regarding whether leaders are born or made, one can still hone their leadership skills to a great extent during their college life. Organizing various fests and events in college can be a great start to improve your leadership abilities.

While these skills were the most important soft skills to learn, there are arguably a number of soft skills which can be termed as equally essential to introduce in your skill set. These are :

  • Team player attitude.
  • Adaptability and flexibility.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Growth mindset.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Strong work ethics.

Learning is a life-long process. Keeping your professional development continuous can help you stay sharp. If you keep improving yourself, you will increase your career longevity, and your employability. Therefore, continuous learning is vital.

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