Networking Projects for Final Year Students

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Computer is proving to be a very useful machine with every passing day. Its uses are increasing day by day. Computer has many works. This includes their work in different machines too.

The main part of an Engineering life is projects. Engineers are known for their works and knowledge which is reflected in the projects only. These projects help them get experience in their fields too.

In this article we will talk about some amazing Networking Projects for Final Year Students.

So, before going to the topic, let us talk about Networking.

What is Networking?


As the name suggests, networking is the connectivity of computer system or CPU. CPU which is known as the brain of the computer connects with other parts in networking. Networking includes connectivity physically as well as virtually. Moreover, Networking includes the connectivity of computer with hardware parts, it includes the internet connectivity, it includes the internal program connectivity, etc.

Furthermore, Networking refers to the total process of creating and using computer networks, with respect to hardware, protocols and software, including wired and wireless technology. It involves the application of theories from different technological fields, like IT, computer science and computer engineering, and electrical engineering.

Thus, Coming straight to the topic, let us talk about some awesome Networking Projects for Final Year Students.

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Networking Projects


A computer network is created by connecting various computers by various network links. Network professionals are typically well-versed in the technical aspects of networking: router and switch configuration, server deployment and management, and so on. However, network pros are rarely trained on how to manage projects. This is unfortunate, because many — if not most — of the problems that net workers face in projects can be mitigated with just a few project management skills and techniques. Moreover, With the help of projects, we can improve our networking knowledge too.

Now, below are some great networking projects which you can work upon.

  • Sensor Network Project

Sensor Network Project
Sensor Network Project

These Wireless sensor network projects includes wireless sensor networks applications such as wireless SCADA, Zigbee home automation, transformer health monitoring system and so on. A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of spatially distributed autonomous sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound pressure, etc. The topology of these networks can vary from a single star network to an advanced multi-hop wireless mesh network.

  • Medical Applications Based on Wireless Sensor Networks

Medical Applications Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
Medical Applications Based on Wireless Sensor Networks

Now a days, the health care system is highly complex. Moreover, The demand of the medic facilities are increasing. The proposed system is designed to provide ultimate solutions to the healthcare using the wireless sensor networks. This proposed system is used to monitor the patient’s health in a wireless manner using RF technology. It is a very tedious method. In this proposed system transmitting module continuously reads patient’s body temperature through a digital temperature sensor, displays it on the LCD screen and sends it to the micro controller which transmits the encoded serial data over the air by RF (radio frequency) through an RF module.

  • Military Applications Based on Wireless Sensor Networks


Such communications, by any means, must be maintained in the area and time where needed. In general, they should be resistant to jamming, direction finding and other electronic warfare threats, and provide end-to-end message security. This also holds for military WSN communications.

Wireless sensor networks can be used by the military for a number of purposes such as monitoring militant activity in remote areas and Protecting the force.

  • Middleware for Adaptive Network Connectivity

As the coverage of modern wireless technologies expands, today’s mobile phones and PDAs often have a range of heterogeneous networks to which they may connect. It would benefit mobile applications. This projects focuses on the application networking in Network connectivity technology.

  • Network Gaming: Performance and Traffic Modeling

There are several different types of games that are played in multiplayer mode over networks. The type of network games that, from a network’s perspective, are the most demanding is real-time based multiplayer games. This projects focuses on the application networking in one of the most interested fields in computer science technology that is gaming.

  • Compressive Quantization for Scalable Cloud Radio Access Networks

This projects focuses on the application networking in Cloud Technology. With the proliferation of new mobile devices and applications, the demand for ubiquitous wireless services has increased dramatically in recent years. The explosive growth in the wireless traffic requires the wireless networks to be scale able so that they can be efficiently extended to meet the wireless communication demands.

  • IP based Patient Monitoring System

The project is based on technical advancements in field of medical science. Cost reduction pressures and the need for shortened in-patient stays are promoting the use of wireless patient monitoring systems in hospitals. Their contribution to better process management, superior flexibility and increased efficiency within hospitals is further underlining the appeal of wireless networking options for patient monitoring systems.

These are the top innovative wireless sensor networks projects in different application areas. If you want any technical help to implement these ideas in a practical approach or some more new projects, you can leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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