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You must have gone through some hardware components like diode, transistor, sensors, etc. To work with these components can be rather messy as they are very much small. But, if you need to work on such components, you can use circuits designs. For e.g., we use circuit boards like bread boards, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), etc.

Working on a bread board is rather messy as the components are loose. These components are for the purpose when you know that you have to make changes in the circuit frequently. It would seem better but is messy as it is rather difficult to work on a bread board. The difficulty is due to its configuration and making. In a Printed circuit board design, you have to place your components on a circuit board. You will stick these components using soldering. You can remove these components as per your need.

In this article, I will tell you about bread board. This article will also include material and knowledge required for Online PCB Design.

So, let us now continue with our discussion.

What is Bread Board?

If you are working on a project. You need to make sure that the components are placed correctly rather than hanging in the mid air connected with wires. For this, you can use one component known as Bread Board. In this board, we can place components which are the part of the circuit in a good manner. In this Board, you will find many points which are shorted and many points which are in parallel. This ensure that you get all the facilities as per your requirement.

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We use wires too. These wires are commonly known as jumping wires.

What is Printed Circuit Board (PCB) ?

Another such component which is used to place electronic components is PCB (Printed Circuit Board). On this circuit board, components are placed and are to be joined to the board using soldering materials. If you want to make the changes in the configuration of the circuit, you have to design a new board. If you want to change the electronic components and replace them with a new one, you can just un solder them and then replace them.

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These Boards can be designed online as well as offline using designing software and applications.

What is Online PCB Design?

If you want to work on a Printed Circuit Board, you have to go through online PCB design. In Online PCB design, you have to design where and how you will be placing your electronic components on your Printed Circuit Board. This task of Online PCB Design can be done using some online software. We will talk about them later in this article.

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Online PCB Design Software

In this Part of this article, we will discuss about some of the Online PCB Design software which can be used for the purpose of designing your Printed Circuit Boards.

Some of them are as follows:

  • EasyEDA – Online PCB Design and Circuit Simulator

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EasyEDA is a really good online software available for Printed Circuit Board Designing. It comes with powerful PCB layout and simulation capability that makes it stand out from others. It has multiple layers and thousands of pads to work upon so that you can create and work seamlessly. While you are in a process of making layout, you come with an option of communicating and collaborating with other members who are expert in electronic engineering design. It is available in open source format so that you can import your own common libraries. Once your schematic and PCB layout is created you can share it with other members, and you can also make private sharing options secure and protected. Its Robust and works with all operating system platforms. Projects can be stored on cloud servers which give permission to you and your authorized partners only to browse the private files safely.

  • – Online PCB Design

Image result for is another online service which gives you permission to create your own PCB schematic diagram and PCB layout design. It comes with growing components library from which you can pick any component or you can create your own component. This service has all tools that are needed to create clean and solid design like copper trace, via and drill hole, copper fill and various silkscreen tools. You can also keep track of what others are doing in this software. Steps to deign PCB are very easy and practical that any can do, however, if you feel skeptical or unable to follow steps you can watch introduction video tutorial that helps you create the PCB design without much effort.

  • Altium – Online PCB Design

Altium Designer Electronic PCK Layout

Altium is another addition to the PCB designing online services. Effective design technology and flexibility makes it stand out from others. It has all necessary features incorporated into a single unified environment that allows you to stay focus on one place and prevents you from browsing software to software for required solution. This is a good designing software with a lot of schematic features. Strong track record predicts their excellence and engineering innovation in PCB design.

  • CircuitLab – Online Circuit Simulator and Schematic Editor

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CircuitLab plays an important role in making your design easy and effective with just few clicks. It gives you an opportunity to develop and simulate complex circuits right into your browser. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to install it. It comes with free electronics text book that provides you tips and tricks to modify and design your layout based on your needs and expectations. Amazing thing is that circuit lab create unique circuit URL that provides you identity to exhibit your online presence and allows you to share your work safely and freely inside the community using this online service.

I hope you have enjoyed the article and got required information. However, if still you feel skeptical or have any doubt you can ask me in the comment section below. I’d love to help you according to best of my expertise. Keep your suggestions and feedback coming so we can provide you quality work and meet your expectations at large. Stay Tuned!

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