Online Summer Training Program with IITians and BITSians for Engineering Students

In India, it is a well known fact that engineering is the most desired option for graduation after Class XII. It might be because of high number of jobs available in the field of engineering or because we are living in a technological world dominated by techno-entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Jeff Bezos of Amazon.



But, as this realisation has come to spread like wildfire among the Indian population, the competition to get into a good engineering college with good placement records has also intensified a lot.

However the fundamental issue which still remains is that the number of engineering jobs has not grown at the same pace as the number of engineering applicants. So, while it is tough to get into a good engineering college, it is even tougher to get out of it with a good placement.


To some extent, because of the business opportunity it presents, many businessmen entered into the field of education and opened several engineering colleges throughout India to absorb the school outgoing students who wish to pursue a degree in engineering, but the quality of teaching has reduced drastically in this frenzy of opening new colleges at a rapid pace.



The result is that today a B.Tech. degree is not even 1/10th valuable as it used to be even a decade ago. It has become easy today to obtain a B.Tech./M.Tech. but very hard to get a good job, or let alone even an interview opportunity.

We live in a world where skills have become more important than college degrees. And while we have utmost respect for all university professors, if their academic teaching is complemented by training by industry experts, only then this gap between degree holders and employed people can be bridged.

A big problem we face today is also that the skillsets of fresh engineering graduates do not match the standards expected by the industry players. Here, Summer Training with Industry Experts helps to build a foundation of skill-based learning which could instrumental in the future career growth of each engineering graduate.

With this objective in mind, we at Eckovation have pooled together a team of IITians and BITSians with over 8 years of work experience to teach you the skillsets and associated insights which they have gathered over the years.




This is an online program, so you can join it from anywhere! You can also finish the program sooner or later than the tentative timeline.




These programs also include LIVE PROJECT and LIFETIME ACCESS TO VIDEO LECTURES for FREE!!!


Currently, we at Eckovation have 10 courses available for you. Choose the ones which are best suited to you:

For every program, you need to devote 60-90 minutes everyday


  1. C Programming Course (Rs. 1499/ 4 weeks)    Click Here if Interested
  2. JAVA Programming Course (Rs. 1999/ 6 weeks)  Click Here if Interested 
  3. Minor Programming – C, C++ & Java (Rs. 3999/ 6 months) Click Here if Interested 
  4. Start Up Course (Rs. 999/ 4 weeks)  Click Here if Interested 
  5. Android Development Course (Rs. 3499/ 8 weeks) Click Here if Interested 
  6. Web Development Course (Rs. 1499/ 4 weeks) Click Here if Interested 
  7. SolidWorks Training (Rs. 3499/ 8 weeks)  Click Here if Interested
  8. Python Course (Rs. 4999/2 months)  Click Here if Interested
  9. PHP Course (Rs. 4999/ 2 months)  Click Here if Interested
  10. Social Media Marketing Course (Rs. 2999/ 6 weeks) Click Here if Interested
  11. Matlab Training (Rs. 3999/ 6 weeks) Click Here if Interested
  12. Data Structures with C (Rs. 2499/ 4 weeks) Click Here if Interested

Benefits of doing your summer training with us:


  1.  Get access and learn from IIT Alumni
  2. Lifetime access to online video lectures – Learn at your own pace and revise concepts even after completion of training program
  3. Certificate Course: Hard copy Certificate will be couriered to you at the end of the program
  4. Great Learning: Peer learning with other participants
  5. 24×7 Discussion: Live Discussions and One to One Guidance by Instructors
  6. Exposure to Industry: Guest lectures by the living legends of the industry
  7. Live Projects and Practical Knowledge 



For More Information, Contact us at: 9599255746 or 8168681456


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