40 Important PLC Projects for Engineering Students

So you are look for some awesome PLC Projects for your final year project? Or may you are an early beginner and want to start building some cool PLC projects right away? Well then, read on!

Practice makes us perfect in several things, the case is same for PLC. Do PLC projects and increase your confidence and passion in working with PLC.


A programmable logic controller (PLC), or programmable controller is an industrial digital computer which has been ruggedized and adapted for the control of manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines, or robotic devices, or any activity that requires high reliability control and ease of programming and process fault diagnosis.

They were first developed in the automobile industry to provide flexible, ruggedized and easily programmable controllers to replace hard-wired relays, timers and sequencers. Since then they have been widely adopted as high-reliability automation controllers suitable for harsh environments. A PLC is an example of a “hard” real-time system since output results must be produced in response to input conditions within a limited time, otherwise unintended operation will result.

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How does a PLC work?

The PLC receives information from connected sensors or input devices, processes the data, and triggers outputs based on pre-programmed parameters.
Depending on the inputs and outputs, a PLC can monitor and record run-time data such as machine productivity or operating temperature, automatically start and stop processes, generate alarms if a machine malfunctions, and more. Programmable Logic Controllers are a flexible and robust control solution, adaptable to almost any application.


There are a few key features that set PLCs apart from industrial PCs, microcontrollers, and other industrial control solutions:

• I/O

– The PLC’s CPU stores and processes program data, but input and output modules connect the PLC to the rest of the machine; these I/O modules are what provide information to the CPU and trigger specific results. I/O can be either analog or digital; input devices might include sensors, switches, and meters, while outputs might include relays, lights, valves, and drives. Users can mix and match a PLC’s I/O in order to get the right configuration for their application.

• Communications

– In addition to input and output devices, a PLC might also need to connect with other kinds of systems; for example, users might want to export application data recorded by the PLC to a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, which monitors multiple connected devices. PLCs offer a range of ports and communication protocols to ensure that the PLC can communicate with these other systems.


– In order to interact with the PLC in real time, users need an HMI, or Human Machine Interface. These operator interfaces can be simple displays, with a text-readout and keypad, or large touchscreen panels more similar to consumer electronics, but either way, they enable users to review and input information to the PLC in real time.

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How is a PLC Programmed

A PLC program is usually written on a computer and then is downloaded to the controller
Most PLC programming software offers programming in Ladder Logic, or “C”. Ladder Logic is the traditional programming language. It mimics circuit diagrams with “rungs” of logic read left to right. Each rung represents a specific action controlled by the PLC, starting with an input or series of inputs (contacts) that result in an output (coil). Because of its visual nature, Ladder Logic can be easier to implement than many other programming languages.
“C” programming is a more recent innovation.
Some PLC manufacturers supply control programming software.

Advanced PLC Features

In today’s world of the Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT), and Industry 4.0 programmable controllers are called upon to communicate data via Web browser, connect to databases via SQL, and even to the cloud data via MQTT.

The All-In-One PLC

An All-in-One PLC integrates the controller with the HMI panel, creating a compact, easy-to-use automation solution. Users no longer need to establish PLC to panel communications and can program both the Ladder Logic and HMI design in a single software environment. An all-in-one approach saves time, reduces wiring, and cuts the cost of purchasing multiple devices.

PLC Projects Ideas:

  1. PLC Based Performance Analysis Of Range Sensors For A Real-Time Power Plant Coal Level Sensing System.
  2. Mine Water Level Fuzzy Control System Design Based On PLC.
  3. A Web-Based Remote Access Laboratory Using SCADA.
  4. PLC Based Fault Detection And Protection Of Induction Motors Using Sensors.
  5. Mine water level fuzzy control system design based on PLC.
  6. PLC based fault detection and production of induction motor by using sensors.
  7. PLC Based Industrial Timer Controller.
  8. based phase sequence indication and controlling system.
  9. PLC Based Automatic Industrial Drainage Timer.
  10. PLC Based Industrial Monitoring system.
  11. Based Temperature Controller.
  12. PLC Based Traffic Density Control Using Sensor.
  13. PLC Based Pressure Controller.
  14. Based Elevator Controller.
  15. PLC Based Automatic Bottle Filling System.
  16. PLC based multi-channel fire alarm system.
  17. based automatic guided vehicle
  18. PLC Based Automatic Car Washing System.

    More PLC projects

    1.  Based Pick And Place Robot.
    2. PLC Based D.C Motor Speed Monitoring system
    3. PLC Based Filter Reactor In Sugar Factory
    4. based automatic packing control machine
    5. PLC based multi-channel temperature monitoring and controlling system
    6. PLC based door open and closing system
    7. based four axis welding robot
    8. PLC based traffic density controller using sensor
    9. PLC Based Energy Saving System
    10. based double axis crane
    11. PLC based automatic dam shutter open/close system
    12. PLC based industrial timer controller for multiple machines
    13. Based Automatic Car Parking System
    14. PLC Based Automatic Coffee Vending Machine
    15. Based Online Inspection Machine
    16. Boiler Automation Using PLC
    17. PLC Based Plate Cutting Machine
    18. PLC Based Material Trolley Controller
    19. Based Powder Coating Machine Controller
    20. PLC based industrial or home security system
    21. PLC based A.C motor controlling system
    22. based automatic punching machine
    23. PLC based wireless energy meter
    24. PLC based automatic industrial or school or college time management system

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