Professional Program to ensure Guaranteed Placement

It’s time to give great surprise to yourself. To stand out from the mass of 35,00,000 engineering Students, we have started professional courses. The course will give you great skills to you and ensure your knowledge in the chosen field. No prerequisites are there for the course. 

The experts are IIT Alumni and they will just not ensure your knowledge in the domain but give practical training, build your resume, ensure your shortlisting in the interviewees and then preparation of the same. It’s a placement guarantee program.

1. Masters of Programming (MiP)

The course will make you master in programming and from basics to professional we will teach, 4 programming courses including C, C++, Java and Python.

2. App Development Program (ADP)

The app development program is a very demanding in market and start-up companies and MNCs are hiring on very high rate. This is app development program will ensure your best knowledge from basics. First we will ensure your best leaning of the language and then we will teach you the app development. So, there is no prerequisites are there for the course.

3. Web Development, SEO and Analytics (WSA)


Three important elements of the programs are Web Development , SEO and Analytics. These 3 skills will train you best for making the existing and new website more beautiful, high ranked on Search Engines like Google and then best tell you the kind of readers coming to the website over which one can set the minimization strategies.

Steps to Join the Program:

Step 1:- Download/Update Eckovation App

Step 2:- Join Group Code: 827354

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