7 Most Interesting Projects for ECE

Electronics projects

Projects are itself a very important part of education System.Most importantly for an engineering student it’s a must.If a engineer is not able to build something that can solve some real world problem .Then his/her engineering is not worth it. Many universities/colleges have some projects in their curriculum but some don’t have.As an engineering student I recommend you to make at least one project every semester ,it may not be a very big project but that’s OK. Main goal of projects is that it will increase your subject knowledge.

An engineer must have the skills like designing, developing, and testing the electronic equipment. In order to gain knowledge, students must build themselves some practical circuits related to their theoretical topics. Therefore, every engineering student can achieve more practical knowledge by doing project works, such as Mini and Major projects.

Here i gave a list of projects for ECE students which will give you knowledge about the subject and current trends of industries.It’s obvious that there is no need to work or make projects on technology that is very old (like which is used in 90s ).

So here is a list with increasing  difficulty level and the the level of project:

1.)Line Following Robot

It’s the best project for a beginner to start with .It helps student to get to know about following technologies and stuffs:-

What is a micro-controller,how it works.

Working of IR sensors.

Working of motors and motor driver.

Designing of the chassis.

Programming a micro-controller.

And many more things……..              

line following robot
Line Follower using 5 IR sensors

By making this project you can participate in various tech fests . Almost all the tech-fests have line follower robotics competition .

2.)  Gas Leakage Detection Alarm

This project Gas Leakage Detection Alarm is based on gas leakage system.We can simply detect the gas leakage using MQ6 gas sensor and when it senses the gas, the alarm will be raised automatically to alert the people in the nearby area.

Gas leakage pic
Gas leakage in Industries

Following are the the components used in this project:-

  • PCB Board.
  • LM324 IC voltage amplifier.
  • MQ6 Gas Sensor.
  • Buzzer.
  • Resistors and Capacitors.

3.)DTMF Robot

Have you ever listen to the keypad sounds of your old phones not of today’s age but the old one(like Nokia 3310).If you observe the sound very closely .You will find that the sound by pressing different keypad is different not same .Because they have different frequencies.Base on this our robot works .

DTMF controlled Robot
DTMF controlled Robot

The main component of this robot is DTMF module . DTMF stands for Dual Tone – Multi Frequency and it is the basis for your telephone system. Phone is technically a DTMF generator that produces DTMF tones as you press the buttons.

You can control the movements of the robot by pressing the buttons on the keypad.You can also make it wireless communication by connecting one phone with  DTMF module and calling it and pressing the according buttons.

4.)Quad copter

Have you seen 3 idiots its the the drone that rancho makes in that movie.You can also make it.It increasese your knowledge of different fields like aerodynamics,Electronic Speed Controller ,types of batteries,frame designing and many more different problems that you face during the projects.


Listing the basic stuff that you need to build quad-copter. This list is endless you can  add any number of things to enrich it with features .I am only listing the common stuff that everyone use:-

  • Frame.
  • Battery.
  • Brushless Motors.
  • Propellers.
  • Arduino Micro-controller.
  • Electronic Speed Controller.
  • Gyroscopic sensor.
  • Sum basic electronics components.

5.)Home Automation

Home automation
Home automation

I recommend everyone to make two versions of your home automation system.This will expand your knowledge.

  1. Basic Version

 This Version is using Bluetooth module .It uses Bluetooth as a communication device between  appliances and the user.This home automation system basically takes the user input from user mobile through an android app.APP send the signals to Bluetooth module which is given to the micro-controller(Arduino) .According to the signals received. Arduino gives the output to a relay module which switches the the state of appliances connected to relay ON/OFF.The only limitation of this is that the range of Bluetooth is limited maximum it is around 30 meters.

Following are the the components used in this project:-

  • Arduino Uno .
  • HC-05/HC-06 Bluetooth Module .
  • Relay Module.
  • Android App(can be made using MIT App Inventor).
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics components.
  1. Advanced Version

In this advanced version we are going to overcome the limitation of basic version which is the range.In this version we are going to make as system such that we can operate our appliances from anywhere in  the world.It is going to be a raspberry pi micro-controller based project ,which is a micro computer with WiFi and Bluetooth chips inbuilt.

Following are the basic components:-

  • Raspberry Pi 3 (or can use Raspberry Pi zero).
  • Relay module.
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics components.

In this we setup a web API based server using IBM Blue-mix kind of technologies. Link Raspberry pi with that server,and it gets instructions from the server .We can add buttons in that UI.

This project is going to be very big and will make you learn very much new technologies.

List of the projects are endless.But i recommend everyone to at least make the above listed projects.Because these projects covers every important technologies .

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To get knowledge about making these projects everyone needs a quick start .So for that we have courses for you that you can checkout.

Following are the courses:-

  1. Robotics Online Certification Course + Guaranteed Internship
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) Online Certification Course + Guaranteed Internship

For more courses you can checkout Complete catalog of courses.

So at the end recommending you to focus on learn things  and building great projects.We wish you a great future.

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