Projects related to Mechanical Engineering

Projects Related to Mechanical Engineering

While pursuing Mechanical engineering there are numerous projects that could be undertaken. As mechanical engineering is also called as the mother of all branches of engineering the projects under it could be done in a combination of many other branches projects. Having the basic interests of  mechanical engineering when combined with the basic knowledge of other branches new ideas of projects could arise.

Before taking over any projects you should have the basic idea of what project is about and how long could it be sustained in the long run. This simple formula is the key to submit a successful project.


There are a lot of topics in which a mechanical engineer could choose his project. The basic topics under which the projects could be undertaken are:

●Pneumatic and Hydraulic Projects
●Thermal/Refrigeration related Mechanical Engineering Projects
●Robotics and Automation related Mechanical Engineering Projects
●Automobile Engineering related Projects
●Machine Tools/Manufacturing related Projects

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Projects

Hydraulic Lift

This project manages the activities of a straightforward lifter utilizing fluid power. Fluid power empowers us to work the lift easily, exactness, security and for high weight activities. The upsides of water power and pneumatics are converged in such a way in this undertaking to totally kill any damage that might be related with the utilization of fluid power.

The nearness of an air-to-water driven weight egotist in this hydro pneumatic lift empowers augmentation of power. A little pneumatic weight is used to create a high water driven liquid weight which bears on a pressure driven actuator. Additionally, the utilization of standard parts and materials has prompt the impressive lessening in creation cost.

Hydraulic Operated Robotic Arm

A robotic arm is a mechanical arm which is powerfully worked and controlled by syringes loaded with some fluid. It comprises of different parts associated with each other in a pre-outlined way which are guided constrainedly to get required yield.

Thermal/Refrigeration related Mechanical Engineering Projects

Multi-stage Hydroelectric Power Plant

Turbines convert the Mechanical rotational energy into Electrical energy. A mechanical interface, comprising of a stage up an outfit, water Pump and an appropriate coupling transmits the energy to an electrical generator. The yield of this generator is associated with the Battery or framework network. The battery is associated with the inverter. The inverter is utilized to change over DC voltages to AC voltages. The heap is drawn current from the inverter. Generator, Mains, and the Gear Wheel Arrangement are the essential components of this project.

Thermoelectric Refrigeration

Thermoelectric couples are strong state gadgets equipped for creating electrical power from a temperature inclination, known as the Seebeck effect, or changing over electrical vitality into a temperature slope, known as the Peltier effect.

Robotics and Automation related Mechanical engineering Projects

Robotic Vacuum cleaner

This advance project depicts the beginning periods of the improvement of a vacuum cleaner robot model, both on equipment and programming perspective. At this phase of the undertaking the equipment introduced is just the one required for impediment shirking, the mechanical stage on which the equipment lies is a hover of wood with a width of 25 cm, with an opening in the center where the vacuum cleaner fan is assembled. This underlying equipment is effectively running straightforward calculations for avoiding hindrance and stairs.

Automatic Board Cleaner

It’s exceptionally difficult to invest energy dependably in the cleaning of the whiteboard. Rather than this, we can control the D.C engine with the goal that the whiteboard to be cleaned. This, in fact, spares our significant, valuable time. This gigantic work can be done, simply by utilizing forward/turn around switch control. It is profoundly helpful, as it has different focal points. The goal is to plan and build up an electric framework ordinarily Automatic Board Cleaner.

Automobile Engineering related Mechanical Engineering Projects

Hovercraft Project

It is a vehicle that flies like a plane, floats like a boat and drives like a car by the cushion of air held below it. The principle of working of hovercraft is to create a cushion of air by the propellers to generate lift to the craft. The basic application of hovercraft is that it travels against the water current without any reduction in speed.

Mechanical Project on Speed Vehicle Sensing

This is a very creative project with the purpose of preventing accidents happens in the restricted roadways using the knowledge of Mechanical engineering with the interests of communication technologies. The major objective of this project is to provide a safety system for our society. The project aim is to create an idea to utilize the RF modules for the automatic speed control for vehicles in high-speed restricted roadways.

Machine Tools/Manufacturing related Projects

◆Multpurpose tool Instrument

These days, the mechanical with electronics makes the activity quicker, precise and simple to do. This is an undertaking for a multipurpose instrument changer.

This undertaking is intended for changing the device relies upon the activity by utilizing the stepper motor or engine. Relies upon the need, we can change the device in the instrument holder. The pole of the stepper engine is associated with the apparatus holder. The control board is utilized to control the apparatus holder to carry out the activity. There is a handle settled with the stepper engine for the manual settings.

In the quick moving world, to enhance the efficiency, we need to take the necessary steps as speedier as possible. These sorts of the undertaking are utilized to enhance the profitability in the industries.

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