Republic Day Celebration: Build The Nation: Learn | Design | Develop | Innovate

For India, How will science address the challenges of the future? 

Indian industries need the flexibility, insight and foresight that comes from thinking creatively, asking critical questions, forming and testing hypotheses and reasoning quantitatively – and engineers have the technical knowledge and the problem solving skills to respond to constant change.

Building the nation will be impossible without engineers

The ability of engineers to build India into the future – to literally build our modern infrastructure and to foster invention and innovation to support internationally competitive industries – will depend largely on changes that must occur over the next decade or so.

India’s next generation of engineers, our school students, poorly understand the role of engineering and the importance of the sciences and the mathematics that underpin the ubiquitous technology that determines the way we live.

Ex-President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee on the occasion of Engineers Conclave

India enjoys strong competencies in engineering, with advantages in design, new product development and time-to-market capacities. As services input for manufacturing industries expand, India with its capabilities in services sector can play a bigger role in knowledge inputs for the engineering industry. A large number of global firms are already taking advantage of these benefits by establishing their research and development centers in India.

The Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ drive with different sectors will require thousands of qualified engineers. Thus engineers should be motivated to take the challenge and should willingly adhere to their profession. They need to be recognized as nation builders.

Unique Initiative of Eckovation: Building the Nation for a Better World

Capacity building program in engineering students who can learn the basics of engineering to the most advanced knowledge of their field. With the same purpose, Booster Program of Eckovation are launched and we are now inviting application for the same.

3 Major Reasons why everyone should be the part of this program:

  1. Because your engineering degree just takes care of academics but industry-academia gap remains, which ultimately affects your employ-ability.
  2. Because degree booster complements your full time degree. It focuses on skills and startups nowadays hire on the basis of skill sets.
  3. Skills have also become important if you are planning to go for MS/higher study.

Currently we have Degree Booster Packages for the following departments:
i) Computer Science Engineering: Click Here
ii) Electronics Engineering: Click Here
iii) Electrical Engineering: Click Here
iv) Mechanical Engineering: Click Here

If you want more clarity on these programs and need to talk to our Program Manager, you can call us on 9266677335 or mail us your concern at

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