Revision Questions for JEE Mains and Advance: Set 1


The problem set 1 is having questions of Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The level of the problems are mixed and after solving the questions, based on the current test performance, it will suggest your chances of getting into IITs.

The circular divisions of shown screw gauge are 50. It moves 0.5 mm on main scale in one rotation. The diameter of the ball is

If area (A) velocity (v) and density (ρ) are base units, then the dimensional formula of force can be represented as.

The electrons, identified by n & l ; (i) n = 4 , l = 1 (ii) n = 4 , l = 0 (iii) n = 3 , l = 2 (iv) n = 3 , l = 1 can be placed in order of increasing energy, from the lowest to highest as :

Given in hydrogenic atom rn , Vn , E, Kn stand for radius, potential energy, total energy and kinetic energy in nth orbit. Find the value of U,v,x,y

Find the values of K so that the quadratic equation x^2+ 2(K-1)x+ K + 5 = 0 has atleast one positive root

Find all real numbers x such that

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