Is Robotics good to teach in high school?


Is robotics good to teach in high school?

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Technology is changing day by day. A lot of schools will admit that only very few students are interested in the area. Is teaching robotics good to high school students? There are schools that have made it compulsory to teach robotics in their new curriculum. For you to see why is robotics good to teach in high school, it is best to understand what a robot is.


A robot is basically a mechanical device. It can be programmed to follow a set of instructions by human beings. A robot has a processing unit and sensors which enable it to perceive its surroundings. It uses motors and actuators to move its limbs or the wheels. It can be instructed to respond to the environment by speaking, making other sounds or flashing with lights and colors.

Why should robotics be taught in high school?

Ideally, students respond quite well in subjects that involve the programming of robots. Parents and teachers can access plenty of information available on the internet. From robot kits, simple programmable robots to sophisticated engaging robots. These are just a few reasons to show why is robotics good to teach in high school. Robots are best known for do-it-yourself activities.

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learning how to build and programme a robot from scratch can be quite tough. That is why it should be taught at an early age. High school students who struggle with these concepts and end up getting frustrated will learn the art of turning their frustrations to creativity and innovation.

Below are the major reasons why is good to teach robotics in high school.

  1. Introduction to programming

This is a very effective way of introducing programming to high school students. That is because students are able to know what a robot can or cannot do through controlling a physical robot. The students will also understand the importance of precise instructions. The growing demand for teaching lesions such as science technology, engineering, and maths in schools greatly being addressed by the help of robots.

The students will have an opportunity to practice technology directly through programming these robots and learn about science, engineering, and maths. They will also have an understanding of how these subjects are interlinked together.

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  1. Provides future employment

Teaching robotics in high school provides the required skills for future job opportunities. There is a high demand for people who are involved in programming these mechanical devices now and in the future. For example, the drone industry is doing quite well and more than 15, 000 drones are sold in the United States every month. Through programming robots in school students can be able to be absorbed in the job market of the future.

  1. Future significant

If you are wondering whether is robotics good to teach in high school, teaching robotics in high school is essential for the future of these students. The world is changing in a very complex way. The problems people are facing today needs courageous and well trained your people to provide solutions.

Robotics can be used to show these students how easy some of these issues can be solved. Their desire to help the planet earth should be motivated through the teaching of robotics at a young age. Furthermore, there are a lot of problems that people face which can be partially solved with the use of robotic technologies.

For instance, robotics can be used during the times of disaster to save lives, perform in difficult and dangerous tasks which humans could have otherwise risked their lives if they performed them, monitoring environmental resources and generally keeping human life safe and healthy.

  1. Robots are already part of everyday life

Equipping students with knowledge of the information about things and facts that people are experiencing is very important. Every now and then, new stories come out about the new developments in technology and robots are amongst them.

Innovations about planes flying by autopilot, the unmanned aerial vehicles doing surveillance, robotic surgery and even remote-controlled toys available in the market simply show every reason why is robotics good to teach in high school. It is essential for students to be knowledgeable of these normal applications for their own use.

  1. Encourages creative thinking

Creativity is not incorporated in many fields of knowledge. In fact, a lesson in robotics will not only be creative but will also involve lots of fun to the high school students. Studies have shown that robotics achieve both creativity and fun. Students studying robotics enjoy the lessons because they are in full control. As learners continue to do these cool kinds of stuff, they develop the urge to develop more features.

  1. Enhances teamwork

In robotics, a range of skills is incorporated. This set up encourages a learning environment of people with their different skills and talents. In fact, robotics promotes a culture of teamwork amongst the students. Students who struggle to learn in the traditional classroom set up might benefit a lot in these robotic classes.

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  1. creation of a very professional environment

Robotics lessons are at the forefront of equipping students with the skills to solve day to day problems. On top of that, they come out with the general technical know-how of handling problems. All these acquired professional skills are very essential to the real-world work environment.

The bottom line

Anyone can learn robotics and it involves a lot of fun. It provides great kits and programs for people of different ages. It is the high time both the educators and students embraced these latest skills for effective teaching. Robotics is breaking new ground in learning throughout the world. It is the perfect knowledge you require as a young person. being in an environment where robotics are taught gives an opportunity for a bright future.

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