Seminar topics for electronics and telecommunication

Seminar topics for electronics and telecommunication

The beauty of Electronics and Telecommunication field lies in its universality. Electronic gadgets and communication devices are present in every aspect of our lives today. It’s hard to imagine life without cellphones, computers, Wi-Fi, and other gadgets. Hence there are a number of emerging technologies related to this field which are transforming the world.

This article is designed to help students select a hot topic from the vast field of Electronics and communication for their seminar. Thus, here are some of the emerging technologies that have revolutionized Electronics and communication.

1. Li-Fi

What if there was a technology 100 times faster than Wi-Fi for wireless communication? Furthermore, what if this technology was far more secure than Wi-Fi? This is where Li-Fi comes into play.
Li-Fi is a recent discovery that may transform the wireless communication technology. The term Li-Fi stands for Light-Fidelity. Professor Haas coined the term Li-Fi in his Ted talk in 2011. Li-Fi is a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system. It consists of LED light bulb used as the light source, and a photo detector to receive the light signal. The transmission of the data takes place by light intensity modulation.
electronics and telecommunication seminar topics

Can Li-Fi replace Wi-Fi?

Li-Fi is a highly advanced technology. Consequently, It may have tremendous positive effects in the world of communication. It is a highly efficient and secure technology. Li-Fi has already reached the speed of about 200 Gbps during testing. However, there is a huge disadvantage in using Li-Fi. Li-Fi cannot penetrate through the walls and other obstacles. This property limits the range of Li-Fi. As a result, This limitation makes it hard to replace WiFi network. However, with certain advancements and modifications in the future, Li-Fi may replace WiFi networks.

2. Spintronics

electronics and telecommunication seminar topics


An emerging technology of nanoscale electronics is the spintronics. Spintronics, or spin-electronics, was discovered in 1980. It involves the study of the intrinsic spin of the electron and utilizing this effect of electron spin on solid state physics. the spin and the charge both carry information. Thus, spintronics manipulates this information. There is a lot of potential in the field of spintronics.
One of the major applications is MRAM, which is a small non-volatile memory. Additionally, semiconductor lasers are another application of this technology. Spintronics is assumed to be the future of electronics field. There is a possibility that spintronics based transistors may replace electronics based transistors in near future.

3. Memristor, the missing circuit element

Electronic circuits generally use three basic circuit elements. These are resistor, capacitor, and inductor. Furthermore, each of these circuit elements can be described in terms of the relationship between voltage and current through these elements. However, none of these elements could relate electric charge and magnetic flux linkage. Enter Memristor.
electronics and telecommunication seminar topics
Professor Leon Chua coined the term memristor at the University of California, Berkeley in 1971. Memristor is a two-terminal electrical component. It is used to link electric charge and magnetic flux. The concept of the memristor, also known as memory resistor, is that it varies its resistance to remember the change in the current flowing through it. Memristor is a highly advantageous element because of its unique properties and extremely small size. However Memristors are not commercially accessible.

4. The exciting future of IoT

The internet of things is the network of interconnected devices which enables them to exchange data. The internet of things has enhanced the intelligence of physical devices which were considered “dumb”. The idea of smart phones, home automation, smart wearable has originated from Internet of things.
electronics and telecommunication seminar topics

Latest trends in the Internet of Things-

  • Bringing IoT and Big Data together

Due to the collection and exchange of data in IoT, the internet connects more and more devices every day. As a result, IoT generates data at the rate of trillions per day. This is where Big Data can be a boon.
The convergence of IoT and Big Data will introduce several opportunities to analyze this massive influx of data. The data generated by physical devices can be quickly visualized to have a positive impact on the world

  • Blockchain technology

Security of data is a major issue regarding Internet of things. This is why involving the blockchain technology into IoT is generating a lot of hype. Certainly, Blockchain technology can be used for the security of the huge amount of sensor data which is generated by the IoT devices.

5. Micro LED, the visionary display technology


electronics and telecommunication seminar topics

MicroLED is a pioneering display technology that comprises of millions of microscopic LED arrays. Because MicroLED uses Gallium nitride LED technology, it is capable of delivering higher brightness and higher efficiency. Although it is not yet commercialized, MicroLED is aimed for smartphones and smart watches. There is a lot of talk that MicroLED may replace OLED in the future. However, there is a huge disadvantage regarding MicroLED. The production of MicroLED is very difficult.  hence, research is still ongoing in this field to commercialize MicroLED.
A lot of innovative technologies continue to materialize in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication. Moreover, Some other hot topics for seminar are as follows-
  • 5g.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Robotics.
  • Virtual reality.
  • GSM.
  • Zigbee technology.
  • Paper batteries.
  • Graphics Processing Unit.
  • Digital signature.
  • Brain chips.
In conclusion, Electronics and Telecommunication is one of those fields that are continuously and rapidly evolving. As a result, new advancements take place in this field daily. Therefore the world is getting smarter day by day. These were some of the emerging trends in electronics and telecommunication which will transform our world in the near future.
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