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These project ideas will be more helpful for engineering students also for diploma students. We have top 10 electricity project ideas discuss below. Being an electrical engineer, every student has wish to develop his own project once in his student life, so here are some simple electricity projects:

1.Design of an intelligent and efficient light control system :

This project uses a PIR sensor and an LDR for efficient use of lighting system. This system considers two factors, one is the light intensity of the room, while the second one is presence of any one in the room. Light intensity of room is measure by the LDR sensor, while the human presence is measure by the PIR sensor.  Accordingly, the lights are switch on and off.

2.Transmission of data using power line carrier communication system:

This paper serves as a general and technical reference to transmission of data using a power line carrier communication system which is a preferred choice over wireless or other home networking technologies due to the ease of installation, availability of AC outlets, higher throughput, low cost, reliability and security. The scope of this paper is to implement data communication using existing power lines in the vicinity with the help of X10 module.

power line carrier communication

3.Anti bag snatching alarm:

This is a simple alarm circuit to thwart snatching of your valuables while travelling. The circuit kept in your bag or suitcase sounds a loud alarm, simulating a police horn, if someone attempts to snatch your bag or suitcase.

This will draw the attention of other passengers and the burglar can be caught red handed. In the standby mode,we can lock the circuit by a plug and socket arrangement (a mono plug with short leads plug into the mono-jack socket of the unit). When the burglar tries to snatch the bag, the plug detaches from the unit’s socket and activates the alarm.

4.Water level indicator:

The water level indicator employs a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank or any other water container. The sensing is done by using a set of nine probes which are placed at nine different levels on the wall of the tank (with probe 1 to probe 8 placed in ascending order to height, supply carrying probe is placed at base of the tank).

The level 8 represents the “tank full” condition while level 1 represents the “tank empty” condition. It can be used in automatic ON and OFF of the motor depending on the water level. It can also be used as fuel level indicator in vehicle.

water level indicator

5.Stress meter:

This stress meter scrutinizes your emotional level. If stress level is high, it provides visual signal via LED together with warning alarm. This is small gear to be worn round the wrist watch.

We construct the gear on the theory that skin’s resistance differs in accordance with your emotions. If stress is more, less resistance is offered by skin, and when body is relaxed, high resistance is offered by skin. The kin’s low resistance is due to the boost in supply of blood to the skin. This boosts the skin’s permeability and therefore electric current conduction. This is a sensitive circuit and can even sense little variations in mood and emotions. The touch pad detects the variation in the stress meter and sends the same data to the circuit.

stress meter

6.E-bicycle locking system:

Owning a bicycle comes with a risk of it getting stolen away. Thus, we require a system which can help prevent the theft for theft avoidance. This project does this task with very few components and a smart strategy that helps of a siren.

E-bicycle locking project works with the help of an electronics circuit which has a switch which acts as the key to the bicycle lock. Consequently, we connect a metal wire to system in such a way that the wire goes from in between the tire spikes and into the system. So, if someone wants to steal the bicycle, the wire has to be broken first then only the bicycle will move.

And if the wire lock is broken it is sensed by the system to raise a siren alert. Hearing the siren the owner can get alert and try to avoid theft from happening.

7.Multi-power supply using 4 different sources for no break power supply:

The project aims to automatically supply continuous power to a load through one of the four sources of supply that are-solar, mains, generator, and inverter when any one of them is unavailable.

We use four switches for four respective sources. These are connected to a microcontroller of 8051 family that provides input signal to it. Whenever we press the switch it shows the absence of that particular source. A relay driver  receives microcontroller’s output and switches that particular relay to provide continuous power supply. A lamp is an example for the load for demonstration purpose which draws power from main. When main fails to supply power, we automatically go to the next available source, for example, the inverter. If inverter fails then we use the next one and so on. An LCD displays which source we are using currently for power supply.

8.Frequency counter:

The frequency counter has 6 digits and will work from 25kHz up to 200MHz. The best factor with this counter is that you don’t need to connect it with any wires to your equipment. Wires = interference and drift in oscillation frequency.

This counter uses a small pickup coil to probe the oscillation. Just hold the pickup coil a few cm from the main oscillator coil and read the LED. The LED have 6 digits and the resolution is set to 1kHz. This counter is perfect to check that oscillator are working and at which frequency.

frequency counter

9.Digital voltmeter:

Here we have designed an analog to digital converter to work as a digital voltmeter using a low power, three and half digit A/D converter IC L7107. It can measure both AC and DC voltages in the range of 200mV to 2V with an internal of 0.001V.

10.Automatic solar tracker project:

Reports states that, if solar is 20% efficient at turning solar energy into power, as it has been in lab test , We would only need to cover a land area about the size of Spain to power the entire Earth renewably in 2030. So rather than just building a solar energy-based project, you can build a project that can improve efficiency of solar energy. This project involves building a solar device that can automatically sense the intensity of sunlight and orient itself to get the maximum voltage from the sun. When compared to a fixed solar panel, this tracking system produces 40% more energy.

solar tracker

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