Smart Home Technology using the Arduino platform


Smart home technology promises to make the living space more convenient, more comfortable, and more secure.

“What’s Arduino?” you ask?

Well, Arduino is an open source electronics single-board micro-controllers and micro-controller kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical and digital world. It is the ideal tool for all the electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Arduino board is designed by using a variety of microprocessors and controllers. In addition to using a very old and traditional compiler tool-chains, the Arduino project provides an integrated development environment (IDE) based on the Processing language project.

India is also rapidly gearing up to create smarter developments and infrastructure that will soon be the backbone of the economy. With the mandate to build smarter cities at the top priority list of the Government, this area is abound with very huge opportunities in the future.

What is Arduino and How you can learn it?

Hence beginners, at Eckovation, we have amazing tools by which you can develop Smart home kit.

Google Alexa is having the capability of controlling the devices like PC and laptop, speaker and receiver, smart TV’s and Screens and other devices. Smart homes control the appliances like, Lighting, Fire Protection, HVAC, Surveillance, Water levels, Smart Meters, UPS, Elevators, Access Control Systems.

Smart home uses the robot assistance system which assists the human beings.

What’s Smart home?

As the world increasingly seeks smarter, secure, more intelligent solutions and optimized utilization of resources to enhance quality of life has led to the rise of smart cities, advanced communication, and security solutions infrastructure in several advanced economies.

Smart home is called Smart home because it is using the home automation technology to control the equipments or gadgets of the house like lighting, fans, air condition, microwave, automatic door system, temperature control system. Most of the gadgets are controlled by AI voice control. Various forms of gadgets or third party gadgets can be synchronized using the Bluetooth modem or WiFi modem.

We require the external Ethernet shield to control the signal of the gadget. Using the smart phone, WiFi connection and Arduino board we could control the load such that we can break the connection when we want to turn the device off and complete the circuit when we want to turn it on.

Let us see some Features about home automation.

Some Function of smarts homes –

  • Turning off the light before bed with one word.
  • automatic lock the front door when you go to work.
  • Get notification when kids go towards the door.
  • wake up with warm coffee.
  • have a robot for cleaning your carpet.
  • Alert if house has a leak.
  • wake up with a song.

How to build Smart home using Arduino

Components required for Smart home –

  1. Arduino UNO.
  2. Relay.
  3. Thermometer DS18B20 x2.
  4. Bluetooth Module HC05.
  5. Ethernet cable.
  6. Rain sensor.
  7. PIR sensor.
  8. twisted-pair cable.
  9. Reed switch.
  10. Resistor 4,7 k Ω.
  11. Microphone module.
  12. Ethernet module ENC28J60.
  13. Tools (soldering, screwdriver).
  14. 16×2 LCD display.

Smart home Circuit diagram


The smart homes consist of relay bar, motion sensor, light sensor and WiFi router. Connect the circuit as per circuit diagram, connect the components like Arduino, Ethernet cable, relay and sensor to the breadboard as per circuit diagram. All the connection are made in circuit board as shown in the figure above. The next step is to connect the Arduino to a relay, sensor module, so that we can turn the connected device ON/OFF by using Reed switch.

The Arduino controls the Bluetooth modem or WiFi modem using the proxy browser and the communication WiFi modem controls the  signal in the house. The control sensor controls the light and motioning of the objects. If the person is in the room the motion sensor senses and turns on the relay. Relay controls the Switching of the lights and the appliance.

Connect your Jumper circuit to the Arduino. Thermometer sensor controls the temperature of the house. Bluetooth module control the function of the Arduino kit using the Android phone. The LCD display used to show the output of the device

Control logic –

Whenever we send data by Android phone, Arduino checks for the character sent and puts appropriate pins high or low according to code. These pins control the relays which in turns control the Appliances. The operation of our project is as follows:

  • When we send the message to 1 on using the Bluetooth Terminal App then Bulb 1 will be On and Bulb 2 will be off.
  • When we send the message to 2 Bluetooth Terminal App then Bulb 2 will be On and Bulb 1 will be off.
  • Both the bulbs will be switched On when we send the message to 3 Bluetooth Terminal App.
  • Both the bulbs will be switched Off when we send the message to 4 Bluetooth Terminal App . Number ‘4’ can be used to switch off individual bulbs too.

This was the smart home technology using the Arduino platform. We hope you liked it.

For more Arduino projects Click here. Please leave your feedback and ideas in the comment section below. Because we love to hear your opinions at Eckovation.

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