Solidworks Assignment 1: The Standard Engineering Designs

In order to really get to know the program, it is important that you practice a lot! That is why we have put this bundle together. You now have a large number of exercises to help you become familiar with SolidWorks. The best idea is to do the relevant exercises from this bundle every time you have completed a SolidWorks tutorial. You can then put what you have learnt into practice straight away. The exercises you are going to do depend on each other.

This means that: you may make an axle in the exercises for tutorial one, another part in tutorial 3 and then put them together in an assembly in tutorials.

It is therefore very important that you save everything that you make (parts, assemblies and drawings)! Create a new folder for this purpose.


Complete your assignment and share with the instructor on email address,

Note: The email should of JPEG of your file and should also contain the part design and assembly design (if there).


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