How to Start a Robotics Club

Comprehensive guide to start a Robotics club

Club and society memberships in colleges and schools act as a catalyst in the process of building one’s skillset, and having a well-rounded school/college experience. Moreover, student clubs are one of the ideal ways to get leadership experience which helps in building the character of the students.

Thus, here is the comprehensive guide on How to start a Robotics club at your school or college.

  • Create the central objective of your club –

Determining the purpose of your club is a matter of the utmost importance. Figure out what are your expectations from establishing this club before you invite members in. You also have to figure out the short-term and long-term goals you have regarding your club.

  • Design significant guidelines –

Now that you have the main objective for your club, the next task is to fashion some guidelines for the club. Find out what are the requirements of your club in terms of-

  1. Capital,
  2. Material resources,
  3. Human resources,
  4. Mentors,
  5. Funding/Sponsorship.

These guidelines are important for the establishment and maintenance of your club. They will also help you to develop a clear vision regarding your club.

  • Have a word with the college/school officials regarding the criteria –

Most of the colleges and schools have specific rules and regulations regarding student societies and clubs. Get acquainted with these rules. Speak with the administration and find out if there is a certain important procedure that you may have to follow in order to initiate your club. Generally, schools and colleges may also help the beginners to get started with their clubs. Get the approval of the officials.

  • Survey the students –

Robotics is a fascinating and innovative field. Consequently, there will be a lot of students in you school or college who may be interested to gain more knowledge in robotics. Approach the students and discuss whether they are interested to join a robotics club. Depict the vision that you have in mind regarding your club.  Finally, you may grow your students base by endorsing your club at various places.

  • Create teams for specific tasks –

When you are trying to accomplish certain goals for you club, it will help to design specific teams for their specific roles. Certain examples of the teams are –

  • Coders- the members who deal with the software part of robotics.
  • Builders- the members who deal with the hardware part of robotics.
  • Group managers- the members who can govern a particular group in the right direction.

Additionally, You may also assign duties to certain executives such as the President of the club, the Vice President etc.

  • Find a supervisor –

An encouraging mentor is important to give your club direction and purpose. Explore the teaching staff and find out teachers who may have experience in the field of robotics. Additionally, try to find out whether these teachers have supervised any team in a robotics competition, or if any of them has published any papers in this field. There may be some hidden gems in the teaching staff who may be perfect as the mentor for your club.

  • Advertisement is essential –

Now that your club is coming into formation, you may start advertising your club. there are many interesting ways to advertise your club. First, decide a catchy name for your club. Additionally, you may ask your supervisors to endorse your club to their students and other teachers. Banners and Posters are a good way to lure attention of the crowd. Furthermore, you may try to hold seminars and presentations emphasizing the importance of robotics in our lives. Finally, you may also send emails to the students and teachers.

  • Find the right sponsors –

The next hurdle is to find the suitable sponsors for the required resources. Firstly, make a proper budget by including the cost of every possible resource for your club. Then, you may ask the local hardware suppliers to fund your club in exchange of brand endorsements.

Finding the right sponsors is one of the major decisions for the club. A great option is that you may approach the robotics companies or the local organizations and convince them to help you with the funding. Be thorough in explaining the idea that why funding your club can be a good move for the company. A lot of good companies in this field also organize various workshops and trainings on robotics, which can be extremely helpful for the members. An added benefit from getting the seed fund from these companies is that these companies may also recruite the talented members of the club to intern with them. As a result these members can get hands-on experience in the industry.

  • Now it’s time for your first meet –

Now that you have successfully passed all the hurdles, it’s time to ensure that your club runs smoothly. Firstly, find a good place to hold your meetings. A quite lab/classroom with access to computers and a good network will be perfect. Send an official email to all of the club members and supervisors including proper details of the first meet. During the meeting, make sure that every mentor and member gets a chance to convey their thoughts. You may also discuss the tasks to be done for the next meeting.

Here are a few tips to keep the club members engaged and to build a community –

  • Hold meetings on a weekly/monthly basis to keep members motivated.

  • Organize various competitions within the club such as project exhibitions, paper presentations, quizzes etc.

  • Hold seminars with guest lecturers to impart knowledge on robotics.

  • Train together for upcoming robotics competition at national and international level.

  • Print newsletters of the club. Encourage every member to write articles about the emerging trends in the field of robotics. Keep a special corner for articles from the mentors.

  • Think of academic projects(minor projects and major projects) that members can create as a group.

For more information on robotics, follow the link below-

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So this was the Comprehensive guide to start a Robotics club in your college or school. What are you waiting for? Start planning your robotics club today!
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