How to Study Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry is one of the most scoring topics in JEE, Give time to this topic and this topic will save your time on the day of JEE. A lot of students do not allot proper time to Inorganic Chemistry during their JEE preparation, and they end up regretting it later. 

Aspirants need to understand the importance of Inorganic Chemistry in JEE. The weightage of Inorganic Chemistry is similar to other topics, but it requires considerably very less effort.

So here are some tips for you to study Inorganic Chemistry –

  • Study Inorganic Chemistry Daily – Inorganic chemistry is perhaps the only topic in JEE which has Less logic & more facts. There are a lot of concepts which you simply need to memorize. One of the ways to memorize is to keep on studying and revising everyday.

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  • Learn NCERT by heart – NCERT is the most important books for Chemistry. A lot of questions are directly asked from NCERT. Keep on reading and revising NCERT.

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  • Understand concepts & their exceptions– Inorganic chemistry isn’t just about memorizing. A lot of reactions can be explained on the basis of concepts. That said, Inorganic chemistry contains exceptions to almost every concept. You need to focus especially on exceptions because JEE tends to ask questions which tend to defy general rules.
  • Prepare your own notes – Writing things is one of the best ways to remember a concept. It helps you boost your memory and you can revise the concepts again in very less time.
  • Start early – Remember one thing Inorganic Chemistry cannot be learned or completed in one month or in a few weeks. This subject is quite volatile and requires proper revision. So its better to start early. Keep revising , prepare multiple handouts for different topics. If you don’t revise this subject frequently , you tend to forget things and things get messed up in the exams , especially in multi-correct questions.
  • Study only what is there in the JEE syllabus – Coaching institutes usually provide a lot of stuff in this subject . There are many unrelated questions asked in the Test Series as well. So stick to syllabus. You’ll feel lesser load.


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