How to Study JEE Physics

In order to crack the IIT JEE, the students need to be well brushed with the syllabus and, particularly, the important chapters. Subjectwise, Physics tends to demand the most attention. In this post, we shall focus on how to prepare for IIT JEE Physics in the best and score-improving way.

How To Prepare For IIT JEE Physics

  1. Learn the important chapters thoroughly. It is very important to get a clear understanding of the basic concepts.
  2. Go through the NCERT book for Physics. All the topics in the syllabus of the exam are covered in the NCERT books.
  3. Make a complete list of derivations, formulas, and experiments in your syllabus and keep that list somewhere you can see it every day.
  4. After completing NCERT, start with HC Verma and then move on to advanced books.
  5. Revise all the important concepts religiously. Don’t forget to give mock tests regularly.
  6. Prioritize your important chapters depending on their weightage in the exams.
  7. Make a timetable and stick to it. Half of your preparation would depend on your discipline and your productivity.

Easy but important chapters in Physics

  1. Atomic Structure in Modern Physics
  2. Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics
  3. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
  4. Circular Motion
  5. Rotational Motion
  6. Electrostatics
  7. Laws of Thermodynamics
  8. Current Electricity
  9. Ray Optics
  10. Classical Magnetism and Magnetic Properties of Matter
  11. Newton’s Laws of Motion
  12. Center of Mass and Momentum Conservation (Collision)
  13. Motion in Two Dimension and Projectile Motion

Best Books for IIT JEE – Physics

Best Books for IIT JEE (Main & Advanced) Preparation


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