Success 50: JEE Online Preparation Program by IITians

Preparing for JEE is a very crucial process as it determines one’s career path and establishes the foundation for one’s future. This path is quite troublesome and hence not very easy for most. Bagging the top ranks requires very intensive amount of practice, dedication & guidance from experts.


Gone are the days when you had to sit in front of the teacher and in classes in order to prepare for the highly competitive JEE exams. Now you have the liberty to take advantage of Online Test series, guidance from Experts, and to study from your home only.

There are a lot of test series available online which provide you “unlimited” number of questions, but to crack JEE, you don’t need unlimited number of questions instead you need different varieties of questions from each topic. Also, you need a proper analysis of the Tests to identify your weak and strong areas in absolute terms as well as relative to other students.

We bring you “Success 50” Program with a Test Series, which makes you familiar with all types of questions and concepts with minimal effort. It also helps you in properly allocating your time and efforts to different chapters & concepts based on the Test Feedback & chapterwise Predicted JEE Rank.

5-6 Hours Daily =  Top 1000 in JEE Advanced

Why you should join this program?

1. Get access to a large number of quality questions – What matters for success in JEE is not the number of questions, but the variety of question you solve.  The Test Series by Eckovation makes you familiar with different types of concepts from different chapters.

2. All India Test Series & JEE Rank Predictor – Take All India Test Series to know where do you stand in India and get your predicted rank in JEE based on the performance in Topic Tests.

3. Identify your weak Concepts/Chapters: Get personalized feedback to pin point your weak spots, and to eventually improve them.

4. Peer-to-peer discussion and guidance by IITians: Get your doubts solved by interaction with other students or Eckovation Team.

5. Detailed as well as Concise Notes: Get notes according to your needs either to master a concept or to revise it quickly before the exam.

Who can know it better than those who have been through the grind themselves, have cracked IIT JEE earlier, and are now in regular touch with students to help them in qualifying the exam? We here at Eckovation, a team of 15 IITians, will guide you throughout your journey and help you achieve your goals.

The steps involved in joining the program:

i) Download Eckovation App  (Click Here)
ii) Join Free JEE Test Series Group with Code: 681729
iii) Go to Plugins tab and subscribe to ‘Success’ module

The program is available with a rate of just Rs. 1999/- Only.  Get 30% Extra discount on Enrollment till Sunday.

Use Coupon Code – ECK30IITJEE

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