Summer Internship Certification Program by Industrial Experts and IIT Educators

Summer Programs for engineers are really important to get best industrial practice through internship with top industrial experts. So this Summer, Learn, Up-skill and do internship with Eckovation’s Summer Internship Program led by a team of Industrial Experts and IIT graduates with a combined work experience of over 35 years across companies like Bosch, Sony, Microsoft, Facebook and Google etc. You can’t get a better team than this to train you!

Why Summer Internship Program

There are approximately 10000 Engineering Colleges having more than 4,500,000 engineering students. In such a tough competitive scenario, you need to consistently keep on building your skills and getting best industrial exposure.  This is the major reason of Summer Internship Program. Also, it is a great CV booster, so you should do the program and update it on your CV.

Benefits of Summer Internship Program with Eckovation

Eckovation is India’s fastest growing learning platform. Because of the great innovation in education, Eckovation got Prime Minister’s Excellence Award of Innovation-2018 (Read inshorts news: Click here).  The major benefits of doing the Summer Internship Program with Eckovation are:

  1. Best Exposure to cutting edge Innovative projects of Industries
  2. Learning through best industrial experts and educators of IITs
  3. Summer Internship will help you in building project which will boost your CV
  4. Mentoring through out your engineering education
  5. To Eckovation Alumni, additional help is finding best opportunity and helping them in building the CV
  6. You are the part of global expert group with more than 2.5 Million Engineers
  7. You will be in direct conversation with some of the smartest brain of the present industries

There are enormous advantages of the program. At the end of the program you will get 2 certification which is valid globally in any company you are applying for (including companies like facebook, google).

Most Popular Program for every engineering students

More than 55000 engineers have enrolled in the program and completed the certification internship. Based on the demand, the most popular internship program are given below:

i) Machine Learning Program: Join Here

ii) Data Science Certification Program: Join Here

iii) Full Stack Web Development: Join Here 

iv) Big Data Certification Program: Join Here

v) Internet of Things (IoT) + Kits: Join Here 

vi) Android Development Program: Join Here

vii) Robotics Certification Program: Join Here

viii) Blockchain Certification Program: Join Here

ix) Drone Development Certification Program: Join Here

Explore all the programs: Click here

How can join Summer Internship program

The program is going to start from the zeroth level and anyone can apply in any of the listed program. It is open for all. The program is really important in building the deeper understanding and application of trending technology. So don’t waste the time of the summers and must register for the program. The program is open for 1st year students onwards.

For More Information, Contact us at: +91-9266677335

Prime Minister’s Excellence Award for Innovation – Eckovation
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