TES Parivartan Idea Factory

Objective of TES Parivartan Idea Factory (TP – IF)

The  TES Parivartan Idea Factory is a pan India, Idea Challenge Contest, organized by  Parivartan in partnership with The Entrepreneurship School. Both, Parivartan and TES believe that for North East India to prosper, it is most important to generate innovative ideas that shape the future of this region.

  • The objective of TP – IF is to involve the creative sparks of citizens for development of North East India and showcase the new startup from all over the region.
  • Our endeavor is to catalyze the innovation efforts in North East
  • This open contest encourages the youth of North East  – school, college and niversity students, to come up with any sort of startup idea that has the potential to benefit the region / make an impact in the world.
  • The contest is designed around the values of empathy and innovation i.e. to understand pains of customers and convert them into meaningful solutions – products or services.
  • TP – IF also strives to build a sense of pride amongst citizens of North East by exploring their innovation potential
  • Our expert panel comprising of intelligentsia, city administrators, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, mentors and academia shall evaluate every single idea submitted.
  • The most deserving ideas will be given exciting prizes and mentoring / investment opportunities.


Competition Structure

The TP – IF is designed as a 2 tiered competition with exciting rewards at each stage.


Stages of Competition Activity Deadline
Round 1 Submission of Idea

(Idea Forms  / Email / Online)

20th Sept 2016 to 10th Oct 2016

These can also be submitted at the website:  www.entrepreneurship.edu.in/ideafactory and


Round 1 Results Top 25 Ideas screened and selected for FINAL ROUND 12th Oct 2016
Final Round Top 25 Teams shall present their idea at Parivartan Conference on 13-16th Oct 2016. 15th Oct 2016 at Guwahati
Grand FINALE AWARDS Prize Distribution 15th Oct 2016 at Guwahati


How to submit the ideas:

Ideas can be submitted by following means:

  1. Online Submission by visiting
    1. TP – IF Website: www.entrepreneurship.edu.in/IdeaFactory
    2. TP – IF Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TheEntrepreneurshipSchool
  2. Submitting Ideas through EMAIL, please send the following details:
    1. Names of all team members
    2. Contact email ids of team members
    3. Contact Phone number of all team members
    4. Idea in brief (25-30 words)
    5. Perceived benefits of your idea (50-100 words)



TP – IF promises to be very exciting with prizes and solid reputation for participants.


Round 1 Awards:

  • Certificates for Top 25 Teams who qualify into Final Round
  • Final Round comprise of Startup Pitch at Parivartan Conference


Final Round Awards:

  • Top 3 Teams get CASH PRIZES
    • Winning Team: Cash prize of INR 30,000
    • 1st Runner-Up: Cash Prize of INR 20,000
    • 2nd Runner-Up: Cash Prize of INR 10,000
  • Top 5 Teams will get selected for TES Parivartan Incubator

Terms and Conditions

  1. This is open to all.
  2. Ideas can be submit either individually or as a team.
  3. The maximum size of any team shall be not more than THREE.
  4. Teams  / People can submit any number of ideas.
  5. Please note – The competition format does not guarantee any protection of Intellectual Property rights.  All Teams must take full cognizance and understanding of this fact.
  6. Originality: If an idea has been patented by, or is the property of, a third party, the originator of the idea must agree in writing to the use of the idea by the applicant and must be expressly credited in Idea Submission. If at any stage of the competition or later, it is found that submitted idea has been plagiarized, participation of that team / idea shall be REJECTED.
  7. Any correspondence from the Organisers to participants will be directed by email or letter at the email address and/or postal address provided by the applicant..



People can contact the TP – IF Organisers by:

Email: IdeaFactory@entrepreneurship.edu.in

Website: www.entrepreneurship.edu.in/lsp

Telephone: 0124-4239588

More Details on Eckovation App: Group Code: 639721

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