The Processes of Applying Off-Campus Job Opportunity

There are different processes explained for getting the job Off-Campus. Must read all four answers which will give your great knowledge to build your career.

Answer 1

1.Get an introductory letter from your College Principal addressed to `TO WHOMSOEVER CONCERNED’ recommending your candidature to the Company and try to meet the HR Manager.

2.Identify experienced professionals who are already working in such big Companies and request them to refer your candidature. Many recruitments happen this way.

3.Make sure you have up dated your technical skills, communication skills and you are sound in your basics. Blaming the college for lack of proper faculty or infrastructure will not work. You must justify why you are worth the selection.

4.  Do take up a job in a small or mid sized company also, develop your skills, get experience for 2–3 years and then look for openings in big companies.  Many have got into big companies in this process also.

Answer 2

Most of the big companies do come to recruit from the top universities. If there is a particular company that are you looking to work for but are not able to get in touch with them, do the following:

  1. Go to their online career website and look at the entry level positions available. Apply for them online.
  2. Look for the corresponding posting on the LinkedIn website. Contact the recruiter for the position with your resume and cover letter.
  3. Do LinkedIn searches for “Company Name “+ Recruiter, and contact the recruiter that are hiring for your group.
  4. Also note that most positions are not posted online and are part of a hidden network. Read below to make most use of your contacts.

Answer 3

Let me leave this thing here only because this is none of my business to talk about these students. My task is to tell you about the various ways to go for off-campus placements.

One can go for off-campus placements in various ways. But for most of the ways we need to have some reference in order to apply to a company.

1.       First way is to remain in touch with company people (your seniors, friends, relatives or anyone else) because many times when companies have vacancies, they recruit people referred by present employees. So, if you are in touch with them, you will come to know about the vacancy and will get chance to apply. In this case, having contacts is the most important factor. Remain in touch with your seniors and ask them about any opportunities in their companies.

2.       Sometimes companies post vacancies on their websites and relevant pre-requisites for the candidates. So you need to check the company’s website regularly and apply whenever they have suitable vacancy for you.

3.       Other way to go for off-campus placements is when companies pool various campuses and call students at one central location. In this situation, students from various colleges and in large number come and apply. This is generally applicable to small colleges where placement is a rare phenomenon and students have to seek external support to get placed.

4.        Other option is to apply on various job hosting sites like naukri, monster, etc. You can develop your profile and upload your resume and then go for the desired companies.

Above four are the major ways to apply to a company for off-campus placement. But remember one thing: sometimes going for off-campus placement can be very tedious and tiring task especially for those who do not hold degrees from so-called elite colleges.

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