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Internet of Things – A revolution in the digital world

Why are we advocating about digitalization by taking the case of Internet of Things? The simple answer is – we just want you to bring together in the stream of most popular revolution of the decade. Let us ask you a few set of questions:

  • Have you ever used your vehicle’s GPS system to reach out to exact location?
  • Feeling hot today! Checked your cellphone to get temperature outside?
  • If you are a fitness freak, you must have used stopwatch during workout. Haven’t you?
  • Obviously, you use vibration mode of your cellphone more than general/outdoor mode. Am I right?

Have you ever imagined- how these things are possible? This is equivalent to a magic that we are able to get every important feature in just a single click.

These essential features are possible only due to the internetworking of physical devices with the cloud. This process is known as IoT (Internet of Things), which revolutionized the entire digital market. This is undoubtedly, a multi-million market in the near future to come.


Five exemplary Internet of Things project ideas

For those, who want to develop their skills in “IoT”, we are presenting here 5 perfect ideas for building IoT projects. Given below are the ideas for projects & important links for courses/websites which are best in helping you to get started with an IoT project.

  1. Weather Monitoring System


You’re all set up for a relaxing weekend trip to Manali with your friends! What you guys do check first? Weather- Isn’t it? We all go through this situation every day whether we are going on a trip or heading towards our workplace.

Now-a-days, this is one of the most popular IoT among available Internet of things. If you are looking for all time popular IoT project idea, this is the best you can prepare.

You can follow up with the Eckovation IoT course for an end-to-end solution. You’ll get here every minute detail & assistance from highly experienced developers along with hands-on experience regarding the project.


  1. Smart Irrigation System


What-if you don’t need to water your plants/crops using manpower? Isn’t it great if water pump starts watering the ground automatically just by measuring moisture level of soil.

While working on this project- You will work with a moisture sensor, Wi-Fi module & an Arduino board. This internet of thing project controls the flow of water by detecting a change in the moisture level in soil.

For more information on this project, you may visit eckovation internet of things course. you may also visit here for step-by-step process in preparing this project.


  1. Automated Street Lighting System


You must have seen street lights which automatically gets turned on in the night & gets turned off in the morning or day time, there are sensors who senses the intensity of light & control the light accordingly.

We can-not imagine how much energy we can save from this exemplary IoT project. These LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) & PIR (Passive Infra-Red Sensor) based street lights are an important project in smart cities or places where energy requirement is very high.

For LDR based system- you may round up this website. For PIR based street lighting system- You can find a complete solution here.


  1. Home Automation System


Have you ever heard about DTMF (Dual Tone Modulation Frequency)? May or may not be. But I’m sure you all are familiar with the tone you hear while pressing a key on your cell phone.

This tone is a combination of High & Low modulation frequency which is collectively known as DTMF. Using DTMF, our cell phones can control up to 5 or more electrical home appliances including security devices.

Please visit Wireless home automation using IOT for detailed description of the project. You can find all the relevant documentation & related video regarding this project.


  1. Vehicle Tracking using GPS


Locating your vehicle remotely is more than fun. We do this always when we hand over our beautiful car to friends/relatives, Don’t we? An efficient vehicle tracking system is designed and implemented for tracking the movement of any equipped vehicle from any location at any time.

The installed in-vehicle device uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) & Global system for mobile communication/ General Packet Radio Service (GSM/GPRS) technology that is one of the most common ways for tracking vehicle.

The Google Maps API is used to display the vehicle on the map in the smartphone application. You can start your project with 1000 Projects & you can download complete project report from here as well. You can also visit this website which can provide you complete support with practical applications.


Internet of Things (IoT) course is the need of time as it is booming with digital industry. We recommend students & ambitious developers to get familiar with this as IoT is going to be a milestone in near future.

If you are looking for an IoT course which can prepare you for this exciting industry; do visit Eckovation Internet of Things coursepage. This is a fully fledged, beautifully designed course for every interested student and programmer.

You’ll get more than 100% assistance from highly experienced & well qualified developers. So prepare yourself for future opportunities with IoT.

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