Top 7 Offbeat Career Options for Engineering Graduates

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Engineering is one of the top graduation courses because it guarantees a flourishing career, good campus placements and a high-paying job. Despite that, however, a growing number of engineering graduates are now open to pursuing offbeat careers. The days of being restricted to engineering-related jobs are long gone because more possibilities are opened for graduates of this course.  As a matter of fact, students realize their real potential while studying engineering for four years. Now, what offbeat career options can engineering graduates pursue?

We listed the top 7 in this article:


Photography Career

Engineering students spend a lot of time digesting mathematical equations and this can actually help them in the field of photography. The field focuses primarily on the light play, and certain computations are necessary to come up with the perfect amount of light from different angles. You can share stories by taking photos of landscapes, fashion, wildlife, tourist attractions, and special occasions like weddings. With photography, you can freeze time, capture precious moments, and make use of what you learned in your engineering classes. The best part about this is, you’ll get paid good money for doing what you love to do.


Blogging Career

Blogger ranks second among the offbeat career options for engineering graduates. With this track, you can create infrastructures out of paragraphs and play with words. These days, blogging is more than just about writing articles, it’s also about creating websites that are appealing to the readers. This is where knowing a thing or two about coding comes in handy. While there are self-publishing platforms like Blogspot and WordPress, knowing how to tweak the preset templates can create such a huge impact on the site traffic which, in turn, increases the number of your followers. You can use tools like Canva to create infographics and images for your blog to make it even more interesting. You can also monetise your blog through sponsored posts and Google AdSense.


Filmmaker Career

If you have a flair for creating films then you can become a filmmaker. Video bloggers (vloggers) these days have stepped up their game by creating short films and uploading it on their websites. It’s no longer about just sitting in front of the camera to talk about different topics; they have now added storylines, color treatments, musical scoring and other film elements on their videos. If you want to take it to another level, you can join competitions to receive grants for the films that you make and reach out to a wider audience. Your knowledge of engineering will help you in positioning the camera and shooting from angles that will match the mood that you want your film to have.


Professor as a Career

Give back to the engineering community by becoming a professor. This will allow you to teach the subject in a language that’s easy for the students to understand since you know how to relay the message to them. Some concepts in engineering can be quite difficult to understand but you can simplify things and break it down into bite-size pieces that they can chew on so they won’t be overwhelmed. You can make classes fun and interesting!

Graphic Artist

Over the past years, there has been an increase in opportunities for graphic artists specifically in sectors like advertising, film, media, and digital marketing. You can start working with an advertising company or some brands and get loads of projects as you gain more experience as a graphic artist. Knowledge about how the elements come together and how things will look like once they’re printed is crucial to avoid errors in printing. This is also a career that you can pursue as a freelancer, which means you can work on projects without the need to leave your home.

Game Developer

Game-Developer | Offbeat Career Option

Included in the list of offbeat career options is game developer. This track is perfect for those who studied four to five years of computer science or any subject that’s specifically about coding. Game developers are involved from working on the concept, writing the story, all the way down to coding and programming the game. While the job requires long hours of work since each movement in the game requires a specific set of codes, it can also be rewarding once the game picks up and gains a huge fan base. If you need a game development training, you should definitely get one before you apply for this serious tech job.

Web Developer

Speaking of coding, may be you are an electronics or a mechanical engineer, but if you have interest in coding then building a career in it is also a good option. More companies these days are looking for web developers to help them create websites that can easily be loaded on their mobile devices. Not only that, there’s emphasis on the need for mobile apps what with the innovations in technology. With people becoming more impatient and with the premium being placed on companies with websites that load in less than five seconds and apps that work properly, web developers have their hands full. They need to monitor the websites on a daily basis to make sure that the links are working perfectly. The apps need to be updated and upgraded every now and then, which means they always need to be on the lookout for the latest trends. Just like game developers, web developers have long work hours but both career tracks can be very rewarding, especially when they have clients lining up to avail of their service. Having interest in web development? Just check out our Web development course here

The offbeat career options for engineering graduates are endless. What it all boils down to at the end of the day is knowing what you really want and going after it. You can still use the theories and concepts in engineering that you studied for four years, you just have to be creative in applying them. These offbeat career options can be quite rewarding in different aspects. You just need to be patient.

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