Top must watch robotics videos for engineering students

Videos of robotics you must watch

1. HRP 4 Robot

HRP-4 is a life-size “platform for research and development of working humanoid robots/robotics” we have developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), an independent administrative legal entity.
Incorporating to the external design the “slim athlete” concept pursuing affinity with humans, HRP-4 has achieved the new, light-weighted and slim body while succeeding the concept of the conventional models HRP-2 or HRP-3 where the robots coexist with humans and assist or replace human operations or behavior.
Further, promotion of optimized specifications or component sharing/simplification has reduced the price for the robot, a great step forward the next-generation working humanoid robot.
For its control, HRP-4 employs OpenRTM-aist to make available national and international software assets, improving efficiency in research.

We will continue to advance our research and development on robots making use of the past robotics research and the development know-how obtained from HRP-4, and to create a robot that works in our living spaces and improves our quality of life.

HRP-4, a humanoid robot that can coexist with humans.

2. SpotMini

SpotMini is a new smaller version of the Spot robot, weighing 55 lbs dripping wet (65 lbs if you include its arm). It is all-electric (no hydraulics) and runs for about 90 minutes on a charge, depending on what it is doing. Spot Mini is one of the quietest robots we have ever built. It has a variety of sensors, including depth cameras, a solid state gyro (IMU) and proprioception sensors in the limbs. These sensors help with navigation and mobile manipulation. SpotMini performs some tasks autonomously, but often uses a human for high-level guidance.

3. Atlas Robot

A new version of Atlas, designed to operate outdoors and inside buildings. It is specialized for mobile manipulation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Altas robot uses sensors in its body and legs to balance and LIDAR and stereo sensors in its head to avoid obstacles, assess the terrain, help with navigation and manipulate objects. This version of Atlas is about 5′ 9″ tall (about a head shorter than the DRC Atlas) and weighs 180 lbs.

4.Asimo New Generation

ASIMO (whose name comes from English initials or words Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is a humanoid robot created by Honda in 2000. It is currently displayed in Miraikan museum in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo.

5. 13 Foot Tall Humanoid

“Our robot is the world’s first manned bipedal robot and is built to work in extreme hazardous areas where humans cannot go (unprotected),” said company chairman Yang Jin-Ho.

While its enormous size has grabbed media attention, the creators of Method-2 say the project’s core achievement is the technology they developed and enhanced along the way.

“Everything we have been learning so far on this robot can be applied to solve real-world problems,” said designer Vitaly Bulgarov on his Facebook page.

6. Valkyrie Nasa

NASA’s R5 aka Valkyrie was designed and built by the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Engineering Directorate to compete in the 2013 DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) Trials. Valkyrie, a name taken from Norse mythology, is designed to be a robust, rugged, entirely electric humanoid robot capable of operating in degraded or damaged human-engineered environments. Building on prior experience from designing Robonaut 2, the JSC Valkyrie team designed and built this robot within a 15 month period, implementing improved electronics, actuators and sensing capability from earlier generations of JSC humanoid robots.

7. Cassie Next Generation Robot

Cassie has all kinds of other practical improvements over ATRIAS. It has a 3-degrees-of-freedom hip like humans do, allowing the robot to move its legs forward and backward,; side to side, and also rotate them at the same time. This makes Cassie steerable in a way that ATRIAS wasn’t. It also has powered ankles, which it uses to stand in place without having to constantly move its feet the way ATRIAS does, and it has enough battery power to run some beefy onboard computers, meaning that integrated perception is now an option

8. Robot that serve Ice cream

9. Robot that cycle

10. Flying Robot Rock stars

11. fastest Maze solver robot

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