Ultimate Tips to Crack IIT JEE 2018

“How to Crack IIT JEE 2018?” – the golden question asked by each and every one of the Lacs of students preparing for JEE.

Who can offer you better tips on how to prepare for IIT JEE than those who have been through the grind themselves, have cracked IIT JEE earlier, and are now in regular touch with IIT entrance preparation to help other students crack the exam too?

Here are Important tips for IIT JEE 2018 that help you to sail through this important phase:

  • Practice – A smart JEE aspirant will not just a practice lot of questions, but will also look out for quality. Solving 100 questions of same type are not going to help you. Instead practice different type of questions from different books. He will not get stuck on a problem. He knows that when he will attempt it again with a fresh mind, he will crack it; if not, then some time later, but he’ll find the solution by hook or crook.
  • Books – Chose good quality books, and practice them a lot. Check out the important books here.

Best Books for IIT JEE (Main & Advanced) Preparation

  • Asking doubts –  Never shy away from asking a doubt. There is no such thing as a trivial doubt, this doubt might be become a nightmare to you while the exam. So discuss your doubts with your friends & tutors. If the doubts are not resolved, record them and keep on finding a solution.
  • Study Plan – Prepare a Study Plan for the whole year or 2 years, as your case might be. See how to prepare your study plan here.

Complete 2 Year Study Plan for JEE 2019

  • Routine – Maintain a healthy routine and follow it. Do not try to study whole night, as it might drain you out and make you slow. Instead try to optimize your time by preparing a routine and moving away from distractions.
  • The 12th Board – A smart JEE aspirant doesn’t neglect the 12th Boards. Don’t listen to anyone who says it’s not a priority. JEE Main is hosted by the same board which runs CBSE. CBSE books make a great foundation for your JEE preparation.
  • The Distraction – A smart JEE aspirant stays away from distractions and addictions. TV, play-stations, cricket – one extra hour overdone on these activities during a crucial period in your preparation  and your rank might slip beyond your expectations. We didn’t find anyone totally not doing it but all of the people whom we spoke to had apparently realized the importance of self-control over all of this because it pays in the end.
  • The Motivation – A smart JEE aspirant remains inspired and motivated throughout. It’s very important to have a group of friends who are inspired, driven and are always working their mind to solve problems. A very true quote – You are the average of the five people around you.
  • Health – Health is the most underrated topic of JEE preparation. The fact that the exam is so crucial puts students under so much pressure that they forget their eating habits, sleeping habits, social life, and just about everything else. While you should study hard for your exam, you should never compromise on your healthy eating habitsNEVER EVER EVER!

In the end, it’s all about how much hard work you put in the preparation. Work hard and nobody can stop you from achieving your goal.

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