The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Engineering Students to Prepare for Campus Placements

So, you took up engineering dreaming to earn a handsome six-figure salary but you go weak in your knees when you learn the fact that only 20% of engineers graduating from India are employable.

By now you must be wondering how to fall into that pleasant 20% spot and how come employability rate for engineers is this low.

Is it just in India or all over the world? Can this be tackled? Can I find my dream job? What should I do now?

All these questions must be rattling your brain right now.

Well, don’t worry we’ll answer all your questions and also provide you the necessary steps you must follow to become employable and bag that dream job of yours.

India is the largest producer of engineers in the world. But still, almost all Indian engineers lack the basic technical skill or knowledge required to get employed. Why is this happening?

Is it because Indian engineers aren’t professional enough or is it because of our education system? Is there something more required out of our Indian engineers? What should the graduates be doing to get the jobs?

So what are the steps an engineer should follow to get his dream job?

Let’s dig in find out what you should do to get that awesome job.

1. Be an Intern in your college years

Do as many internships and projects as possible in your engineering years. This is the only way a recruiter will know that you have the ability to practically apply what you have learned theoretically.

95% of employers feel that candidate experience is a factor in hiring decisions, according to an annual survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

So, doing internships will surely place you a big step above others.

The humongous amount of experience you will get doing an internship will surely help you settle more easily into the workplace environment.

You need experience to get experience and internships are a very good to way to get that experience.

If you have some great internships under your belt, the recruiter will know that you have the maturity and self-commitment that is required to thrive in this cutthroat corporate world.

Also, internships tell the recruiters that you always manage to finish everything on your plate, as during internships you manage both your studies as well as the work.

So, an internship in your resume speaks loads about your commitment and dedication.

Internships will also teach you how to balance both personal and professional life very early in your life so you will have no problem in your job years.

Internships also provide you the chance to interact with new people and create some strong important networks which may become fruitful for you afterwards.

It is during these internship months that you can learn properly how to weave a proper network and also gain the first-hand experience of networking.

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2. Apply what you have learned

Rote learning doesn’t land you a job and neither does it help you in truly learning something.

Get out of the old school habit of cramming everything you don’t understand, instead try and find out why aren’t you able to understand the topic, like – Is it because it is related to a topic you haven’t studied before or is it because of the way it is presented.

Until and unless you don’t question, you won’t get anything out of what you have learned. Look for online videos, editorials, research papers and study them or make teachers clear your doubts.

Educate yourself and don’t just train yourself, enrich your mind with knowledge and don’t overburden it with memorizing everything.

For example: if you are a Computer Science student don’t just memorise all the algorithms, you try to understand them so that you can use the logic behind those algorithms elsewhere.

Recruiters want people who are methodical and practical. They don’t want people who know the complete and crisp definition of every technical term.

Instead they want someone who has a crystal clear understanding of all the underlying concepts.

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3. Start Expanding Your Horizon

Start expanding your horizon by gaining real industry knowledge through rigorous and competitive online courses and training programs.

This is quite important as there is no dearth to BTech graduates or BTech colleges in India. So, in this densely populated and competitive sector, you have to find something that isn’t being done by everybody.

If you don’t, then you will be competing with an awful lot of people for a job that has very few seats.

So, be on the lookout for the advances in your field. For example in the case of Computer Science students, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data  are some fields that are not much explored as of now. So you can try your hand at these by researching and by doing online courses on these topics.

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4. Be a Jack of all Trades and Master of Some

A jack of all trades and master of none doesn’t work now, you have to be a jack of all trades and master of some. Try to gain mastery in at least one of the core subjects. By doing this, you will get your own originality among everyone.

You don’t win a league just by drawing all the matches, you have to win the important games too.

Just like that, you can be an average in all of the subjects but to balance that out you have to be at a supreme level in at least one of your subjects.

So, start looking for subjects you find to be easy or interesting and begin your conquest over it and don’t forget to do some interesting projects based on this topic too.

This will show the recruiter that this is certainly your niche and craft.

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5. Go All In

Either go all in or don’t do it at all. Never settle for loose ends. Don’t go for the easy way, sometimes you have to embark on a tough journey just to live a more easy and comfortable life in the future.

What do all the great entrepreneurs or the top businessmen have in common? It’s not their education or their talent, it’s their mindset of not quitting.

They don’t quit no matter how dark the situation is. You have to be at your A game, you have to work and keep pushing until you succeed.

No company wants a quitter as their employee so you have got to show the recruiter the passion that you have for completing things.

This way the recruiter will know that you are a tough nut to crack and you won’t break under extreme circumstances.

So, rise up and work on yourself and make yourself the best out there.

6. Non-Core is Also an Option

The main aim is to be job worthy, so doing something that may harvest good results after some time isn’t harmful at all. Go on and use whatever time you have after classes or your commute time and start learning. And what you study can be completely different from what you are doing in your college.

There is a great demand for engineers in the field of data analytics primarily because of their analytical skills.

So, if core subjects don’t work for you, then non-core is also an option.

So, look for the courses which interest you and do them. This will make you feel more empowered and you would also have gained a great amount of knowledge during the course.

Learning is a never-ending curve. All the great people around the world accept the fact that if you aren’t learning anything as you keep growing then you aren’t doing justice to yourself.

Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft openly admits that he keeps on learning through online courses along being the head of Microsoft.

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But we all know that everything is not so black and white, what may work for someone may not work for others. But one doesn’t get to know what’s right for him/her until and unless he/she has tried everything. So, keep on trying, keep on pushing and one day you will get to your destination.

So, get on and follow these 6 simple steps an engineer should follow to get his dream job and always keep in mind that you are doing this for yourself and your family, this will give you the extra motivation you need in this long and tiring journey.

Hope you get the job you want!

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