Why learn Python?

I am going to look at this topic from five perspectives:

  1. Companies Already using it!
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Easy to test
  4. Job Scope
  5. One language, many areas!

Companies Already using it!

I consider this as the best indicator! Most the languages in the market are propelled by the large companies, who are using it.

As of 2017, following is the list companies using Python as a major language in their stack

It is very important to track this trend, since a lot of community is built by these top companies! Which also means that, there are more job opportunities for people who have Python in their skill sets!

Easy to learn

Python is very easy to learn language, even for the people who are learning it for the first time!
So if you don’t have

Easy to test

Writing testable code, is of the major requirements for any production grade code, which needs to perform well in the wild! And Python makes it very easy to test the code that you have written.

Job Scope

As per the indeed data, Python continues to be in the top 4 languages, as far as the number of job listings is concerned








Since Indeed data focuses a lot on International data, I have compiled the Indian data for you via PayScale. You can see that the salary for people with Python skill ranges from anywhere between Rs. 6,00,000 (~$10K) to 9,00,000 (~$15K)


One language, many areas!

Python is one of those swiss knife kind of technologies! Once you know python you open yourself the massive opportunities in Big Data, Web Development, Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.

[Bonus] Top Frameworks

So decided to learn python? Here are the top libraries which should be on your mind, when you start.

  • Web Development
    • Flask [30K stars on Github]
    • Django [28K starts on Github]
  • Data Science
    • NumPy [5.6K stars on Github]
    • SciPy [5.6K stars on Github]
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language & Text Processing
    • NLTK [5.6K stars on Github]

You can see by this list of frameworks that, Python is really deeply embedded into Web Development, Data Science, AI & ML


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