Wireless Communication Project Topics


Wireless communication or you can say simply wireless, is the transfer of message or power between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conducting wire. Devices with Wireless Communication are  becoming common now a days. The wireless devices are getting more preference than the wired devices. There are several Wireless Communication Project Topics that an Electronics and Telecommunication engineering student can work out.

One of the most commonly used technologies are the Radio Waves. The range of the radio waves vary from few meters in Bluetooth Communication to millions of Kilometers in the Deep-Space Communications. It covers various types of unmoving, mobile and portable applications consisting of two-way radios, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cellular telephones, and wireless networking. Other examples of applications of radio wireless technology include GPS units,wireless computer mice, garage door openers, keyboards and headsets, headphones, cordless telephones, Bluetooth Speakers, radio receivers, satellite television, broadcast television sets.

There are basically four modes to achieve wireless communication. These include Radio, Free-Space Optical, Sonic and finally Electromagnetic induction. The Radio and Microwaves modulate the properties of Electromagnetic waves in space transmission. Free-Space Optical (FSO) Communication is the wireless communication mode which uses the propagating light in Space for telecommunication and Computer Networking. Free Space here refers to the air or void space medium. FSO communication is different from transmission line communication like Optical Fiber Communication or “dielectric light pipes”. Sonic communication uses ultrasonic communication that deals with transmission and reception of sound. Furthermore the Electromagnetic Induction is the short-range communication mode  in RFID Tags and Bio-Medical situations like pacemakers.

The common Wireless equipment applications are as follows:

  • Infra Red (IR) Devices
  • Amateur Radio Service (Ham Radio), Consumer and professional Very High Frequency(VHF) Radio or simply Radio Frequency(RF)
  • Ultrasonic Control Devices
  • GPS ( Global Positioning System)

Satellite Television ( Direct Broadcast Satellite that is broadcast from Geostationary Orbit Satellites)

  • Airband and Radio equipment in the aviation and air traffic control
  • Cellular Telephones and Pagers
  • Cordless Computer Peripherals

Wireless Communication Project Topics

  • Wireless Power TransferThe aim is to design a wireless Power Transfer. The concept of wireless power transfer was realized by Nikolas Tesla. This project has a scope to eliminate the use of traditional copper wires and transmission lines for Power transfer.Wireless power transfer
  • Vehicle Tracking System and Accident Identification System

    Vehicle tracking system
    This project uses a GSM and GPS module for wireless Communication. The main Part in this Circuit is a Micro-controller and it’s interfaced peripherals. The device can be fixed on a vehicle to track it’s position and accident Identification.

  • Wireless Message Communication Between Two Computers

    Wireless communication between two computers
    The project aims to develop a wireless system for message communication between two computers using 2.4 GHz trans-receiver units powered by 5V dc alarm circuit. So, the wireless chat can be established in two PCs using a hyper terminal.A pair of transceiver modules can be connected to the PCs using a DB9 (De-Sub) connector and serial data cord using RS232 protocol communication between the module and the PC. An on-board dedicated ac to dc power supply is used at both ends to power the units. Here two arduino modules are used for connection. NOTE: This system can be used only on the devices containing a hyper terminal I.e. Windows XP and Further versions.

  • Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients

    Wireless health monitoring
    The primary function of this project system is to monitor the temperature of a patient’s body, and display the same to the doctor through RF communication. An RF Module is used for Wireless Communication. For this you can check out RTL System for Healthcare.

  • Remote Home Security System

    Wireless home security
    Home security is an important aspect of modern living style. This project is a sensory system that collects the parameter information like temperature, humidity, fire, human presence, gas, etc., and sends the corresponding data to the micro-controller or any other processor. The micro-controller say 8051 controller communicate these signals to  relay switches, DC Motors, buzzer alarms.

  • Tsunami detection and remote alert system with 60dB siren using RF wireless technology

    Tsunami wireless detection

    The project system implements the principle of variation in wind speed at the time of tsunami occurrence. It consists of two sections namely transmitter and receiver section. The transmitter section consists of a flexion sensor which detects the upcoming tsunami depending upon the abnormal rise in the wind speed. The receiver section detect the coming wind speed level and compares with the threshold level set in the Arduino Atmega328 micro-controller and if the value exceeds the threshold level, th a 60dB siren shows the abnormal condition.

  • Fire Fighting Wireless system controlled Robotic Vehicle

    Wireless fire fighting robot

    The project develops a remote operation fire fighting robot vehicle using RF wireless technology . A water tanker and a pump fixes on the wireless communication based robot  to throw water. An 8051 series of micro-controller achieve the desired operation.

  • Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using GSM

    Wireless notice board
    The project develops a wireless notice board to display messages sent from the user’s cell phone. When a user sends a message from cell phone, SIM loaded GSM modem receives the signal at the receiver unit. This system is very useful in the educational organizations, Bus Stations, Railway Stations, Hospitals, Industrial system etc.

List of some more Wireless Communication Project Topics

  • Wireless system for humidity and temperature detection

  • War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera

  • Wireless Audio Transmitter for TV

  • Cryptographic Secured Communication Between Army Stations

  • Audio Wireless Communication System

  • Wireless Traffic Light Controller

  • Motor Monitoring Wireless System

  • Wireless Transformer Monitoring System

  • Remote Industrial Security System

  • Intelligent Wireless Controller for Oil Wells

  • Wireless Attendance Recorder

  • Wireless Process Controller

  • File Sharing Using Bluetooth

  • Simple Radar Communication System

  • Tampered Energy Meter Information Conveyed to Concerned Authority by Wireless Communication

  • Wireless Camera Position System

  • Wireless Security System

  • Video and Audio Wireless Signal Transmitter

  • Wireless Voting Machine

  • Remote Controlled Dish Antenna

  • Centralized Monitoring System for Taxies

  • Wireless Hospital Management System

  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring on Remote Seven-segment Display using RF

  • Zigbee based Secured Wireless Data transmission and Reception

  • Electrical Apparatus Control System with Speed Control of AC motor in a plant using RF Wireless communication

  • Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receivers using RF Communication System

  • DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using IR (PWM and H-Bridge) Wireless

  • Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF Communication

  • Two-way Wireless Data Messaging System for Rural Areas using Zigbee Technology

  • Wireless remote weather station monitoring system using Zigbee.

  • Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using RF Communication

  • Bluetooth based Wireless Device control for Industrial Automation

  • Streetlight Power Cable Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks using Zigbee communication.

  • Zigbee based Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receivers

  • Bluetooth based Robot Control for Metal Detection Applications

  • Wireless Electrical Apparatus Control System using IR communication

  • Data Encryption and Decryption for Secured Communication using RF wireless

  • Wireless Stepper Motor Control using IR Communication

  • Ac Motor Speed Control Using TRIAC wireless

  • PC Regimented Defense Android Using Zigbee

  • Wireless AC/DC Device control for Appliances Using Remote Control

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