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Write for us

Write for us

Write for us @ Eckovation, contribute to society and increase your knowledge and many others enrol yourself and write with us.

 Eckovation provides a platform for thousands of people to exchange ideas and to expand our understanding of Engineering. Our audience is mixed, consisting of readers entirely new to the subject and expert professionals who want to share their inventions and discoveries.

Now that our audience is significantly larger, we have become aware of our responsibility to present readers with high-quality content.  We are inviting applications for Authors willing to write on technology.

Why become an Author on Eckovation?

  • Become an influencer within a fast-developing field
  • Help steer a rapidly growing publication
  • Network with experts in industry and research
  • Be a part of our upcoming projects launch
  • Get a certificate for your awesome work


What are we expecting from you?

We are looking for ambitious, talented individuals who want to play a key role in raising the quality of our publication as we seek to develop knowledge in the field of engineering  for beginners and professionals alike.

Priority will be given to applicants with a strong writing portfolio and relevant experience in industry or research.

We want you to write articles on different engineering topics. You can refer some articles already existing for reference.

This will involve:

  • Cross-checking facts and verifying any unsupported claims
  • Detecting and removing obvious plagiarism
  • Providing help and advice to our editors
  • Finding new writers
  • Promoting our articles and writers on social media, by generating traffic through FacebookInstagram or Twitter

How to apply

To become an author visit the link and fill the form to write articles .

You are strongly encouraged to attach examples of your previous writing! We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best.

About us:


A Social Learning platform: Making quality education available to all

We at Eckovation are passionate about connecting students, educators, peers, corporations and workers to enable dissemination of knowledge and information and thereby making quality education and skill development accessible for students and workers across the country. Through our application, we hope to improve the lives of millions of students who have the desire and will to succeed but do not get access to quality education and are therefore trapped in a vicious cycle of lack of education, inability to come out of poverty and, descent into crime Our platform is a confluence point of various ideas by all the stakeholders involved in the teaching and attainment of knowledge process. We believe in the concept of collaborative education which involves the interplay of all the stakeholders and strive to make a lasting impact in the lives of our users and stakeholders

Our team

Team Eckovation

We are a team of like-minded people building an eco-system for changing the education system of our country. Making India skilled and a better India



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